Highest safety level for harsh environments

Eden is a non-contact safety sensor for interlocked doors and safe position sensing. The safety sensor is used to assure that a machine stops when a door or hatch is opened. It can also be used to monitor if a robot is in a fixed position when someone enters the working area of the robot. 

A non-contact safety sensor consists of two complementary parts that can sense each others presence without mechanical contact. This enables more flexible mounting compared to traditional mechanical switches. Eden is constantly communicating between the two parts and any failure will directly lead to a stop signal.

Main benefits
  • Flexible mounting, 360°
  • Serial connection according to Cat. 4
  • Withstands harsh environments
  • Less cabling and control units with local reset function
  • Appropriate when high motivation for fraud
  • Easier troubleshooting with extensive LED indication, info signal and status bus


Main features
  • Sensing distance: 0 to 15 mm
  • IP69K
  • M12 connector
  • High level code models

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Eden Dynamic

Eden Dynamic makes it very easy to reach a PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1. Light beams, emergency stop buttons, contact rails, safety mats and other safety devices can also be connected in series in the same circuit, with the retained safety level. Models exist with information output or local reset function (each Eden can have its own reset button with direct connection). 

Eden AS-i

Eden AS-i has an integrated AS-i node and is connected via an M12 connection directly to the AS-i cable. Each Eden is individually coded which makes it secure against manipulation. 
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