New direct replacement retrofitting kit for Megamax F1/F2 closed door with Emax 2

ABB introduces the new retrofitting kits, direct replacement type, for withdrawable Megamax F1/F2 closed door version to Emax 2 circuit breakers.


Features of the new range    

The new direct replacement kit for Megamax F1/F2 closed door version (up to 690 Vac) has been designed to maximize the up-time, reduce installation time and upgrade existing systems with latest Emax 2 series.

Thanks to the kit, there is no need to dismantle the existing Megamax fixed part.

With the combination of new concept smart apparatus and retrofitting kit, ABB covers all customer needs in the new Industry 4.0 era.


Value propositions

Increase total life cycle of the switchgear

Costs reduction of maintenance and spare parts 
Easy to install:

Continuous operation guaranteed by plug & play solution
Replacement requires few minutes and no removal of main voltage on busbar system in the switchgear.

Easy to control: 

Ekip Power Controller to improve energy efficiency and saving
Easy to connect to SCADA and into the IoT: integration into systems with integrated communication modules with different protocols. Modbus RS-485, Modbus TCP, Profibus, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, IEC61850, Bluetooth are available.

Easy to maintain:

Diagnosis and installation with Ekip Connect software. Programmed signal to remind to perform maintenance activities when required. LEAP (Life Expectancy Analysis Program) is also available with Emax 2 for predictive maintenance & audits.


Product details

Here below table with the available versions:

Original CB Megamax W-CD

 Original breaker Megamax F1 Megamax F2
 Performance levels  B N S H S H
 Iu @ 40°C 1250 1600 2000 1250 1600 2000 1250 1600 2000 1250 1600  2500   2000   2500 
 Number of poles 3/4p 3/4p 3/4p 3/4p 3/4p 3/4p

Emax 2 direct replacement solution

 Emax 2 DR solution DR F1-E2.2  DR F2-E2.2
 Performance levels  B N N H N H
 Iu @ 40°C 1600 1600 2000 1250 1600 2000 1250 1600 2000 1250 1600 2500(1) 2000 2500(1)
 In (Rating plug) 1250 1600 2000 1250 1600 2000 1250 1600 2000 1250 1600 2500    2000 2500   
 Icu 400-415V 40 40 40 55 55 55 55 55 55 85 85 65 85 85
 Icu 440-500V 40 40 40 50 50 50 50 50 50 70 70 60 70 70
 Icu 690V 35 35 35 45 45 45 45 45 45 55 55 55 55 55

(1) = Derating up to 2400A with Fixed Part with HR terminals; no derating with Fixed part with VR terminals

A special Emax 2 moving part that immediately replaces the Megamax's one, is equipped with the following default configuration:

  • Emax 2 breaker with dedicated bars and jaw-type contacts to replicate Megamax moving part
  • Emax 2 draw-out mechanism that is able to replicate Megamax in/ test/ out positions by using Emax 2 drawing in/out raking lever.
  • Megamax standard male left and right side sliding contacts to connect with female parts on Megamax fixed part: all the wiring are already included.
  • The new breaker is equipped with activating levers for Megamax standard Open/Closed AUX contacts installed on the fixed part.
  • Dedicated wiring solutions according to the original trip unit installed on Megamax.
  • Additional matching connecting device is to be installed in Megamax fixed part.

The following supply completes the direct replacement retrofit:

  • Drilling template adhesive tape for the new door flange for the compartment door.
  • Draw in/out raking handle.
  • Door flange.
  • Lifting golfare.
  • Retrofit instruction sheet.


Prior to the supply of the retrofit solution, ABB requires the check of Megamax fixed part integrity and service conditions (auxiliary contacts wearing conditions, cleaning, etc.). ABB has prepared a document to help customers and service sales team 1SDH001279R0002.

Trip units and compatibility

Megamax Trip units installed in Megamax that can be replaced by the corresponding ones of Emax 2.

old circuit breaker
Megamax F
 new circuit breaker
 Emax 2
AR1 LI or LS
Ekip Dip
AR1 LI or LS
Ekip Dip
Ekip Dip
PR1/P LSIG Ekip Dip
PR1_P LSIG+PR1_A Ekip Touch
PR1/P LSIG with PR1/A Ekip Touch
Ekip HT+MeasuringPro
PR1/P LSIG with PR1/C and PR1/D      Ekip Hi-Touch with Ekip Measuring Pro
old circuit breaker
Megamax F
 new circuit breaker
 Emax 2
PR1/A (Ammeter module)
Only with Ekip Touch or Ekip Hi-Touch
PR1/C (Control module)
Other measurements are available with Ekip Touch c/w Measuring Pro or Ekip Hi-Touch
PR1/D (Insum dialog module)
Insum com module is not available; other protocols are available and SCADA adaptation is needed
Q1…Q25 (Open/Close AUX contacts)
Use same of Megamax on fixed part
SD devices No more available
Current sensor for neutral conductor outside circuit-breaker (into the switchboard) Remove the Megamax version and add the one of Emax 2 standard
TV 051 (voltage transformer)
No more available. Use internal Measuring Pro module

Accessories and compatibility

Electrical and mechanical accessories mounted in Megamax that can be replaced by the corresponding ones of Emax 2, as follow:

Emax 2 Direct Replacement Solution

old circuit breaker
Megamax F
 new circuit breaker
              Emax 2
YO (shunt opening release)
Emax 2 standard YO
YC (shunt closing release)
Emax 2 standard YC
YU (undervoltage release)
Emax 2 standard YU
D (electronic delay for YU - into the switchboard)
Remove the installed Megamax version and add the one of Emax 2 standard
M (motor for charging springs) Emax 2 standard Spring charge motor
AUX spring charged (S33M)
Included in the standard motor Emax 2
AUX CB tripped - S51
Emax 2 standard changeover contacts
AUX CB connected/ insulated position - S75S-S75I
Already included in the sliding contacts (standard supply)
AUX YU (YU energized)
Emax 2 standard
Q1…Q25 (open/close AUX contacts)
Use same of Megamax on fixed part
Megamax Shutter padlock device
Use the one of Megamax
Mechanical interlock between 2 or 3 circuit breaker
Non compatible with DR
Key lock in open position
Emax 2 standard
Padlock in open position
Emax 2 standard
Key lock and Padlock devices for connected/test/isolated position
Emax 2 standard
Mechanical signaling of circuit breaker tripped
Emax 2 standard (standard supply)
Mechanical operation counter
Emax 2 standard
IP54 door protection
Remove the installed Megamax version and add the one of Emax 2 standard
Transparent protective cover for O/C pushbuttons
Emax 2 standard
SOR Test Unit
Remove the installed Megamax version and add the one of Emax 2 standard

The following Emax 2 accessories are not compatible with Emax 2 direct replacement kit.

  • Mechanical interlock between 2 or 3 circuit breakers (use retrofill solution or double redundancy electrical interlock).
  • Mechanical lock for compartment door.
  • Homopolar toroid.
  • Internal and external O/C AUX (as already present in the Megamax fixed part).
  • all accessories for New Emax fixed part.

While the following accessories can be installed but have to be externally cabled at customer care from Emax terminal board (wiring and plug-socket are not included):

  • Remote reset command for tripped indication.
  • Ekip Supply, communication and signaling modules.
  • Ekip Multimeter.
  • Ekip Control Panel.

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