Emax E1.2 direct replacement

Direct Replacement retrofitting kit for withdrawable Novomax G30 with Emax E1.2 air circuit breakers

The new Retrofitting Kits are the perfect solution for improving low voltage switchgears, with just very few modifications and limited costs. They allow increased safety as well as guaranteeing service continuity, and avoid the need for costly spare parts thereby bringing down maintenance costs.

The new Retrofitting Kits allow the new apparatus to be adapted to the dimensional characteristics of the existing compartments, replacing all the obsolete models with latest generation products. All the replacement kits are supplied with assembly instructions and electric interconnection diagrams. There is no need to manage any dismantling operation of the existing fixed parts of the Novomax G30 breakers using this solution.

The old Novomax G30 series of circuit-breakers can be re- placed with the latest Emax.2 E1.2 series by using the new type of Conversion Kits. The circuit breaker provided is Emax E1.2 in the FIXED version, with rear horizontal terminals fitted with the Ekip Dip LSI release. Besides, different types of releases can be supplied, according to the customer’s specific requests.

The kit is made-up of a special moving part to be inserted in the existing fixed part. There is no need for any dismantling operation of the existing fixed part. The only operation required is the installation on the fixed part of a device, which ensures locking on racking out, and a segregation, which guarantees IP20 protection with the door open.

The Emax E1.2 circuit breaker can also be supplied with the same accessories available on the old Novomax G30 circuit breaker. The kit is always completed with sliding contacts for power supply of accessories

Let’s have a look at the main advantages of using the Retrofitting Kit
The use of the replacement kit provides notable advantages:

  • Reduced investments compared to those required for installing brand-new switchgear;
  • Reduced installation times and the possibility of spreading plant downtime over time, therefore increasing the guarantee of service continuity;
  • Reduction in maintenance and repair costs;
  • Safeguarding of investments in existing structures;
  • Total possibility of interconnection with existing distribution systems;
  • Immediate, simple and safe replacement;
  • No structural modifications;
  • Adaptations for auxiliary circuits;
  • Greater plant control with the new electronic protections.

From Circuit-Breaker to Power Manager

In addition to all the benefits already got from the Retrofitting Kit usage, the customer can benefit also from Emax 2 high quality features, which improve the efficiency of electrical plants, creating the new standard of:

  • Control - Optimization of power flow;
  • Connectivity - Integration into systems;
  • Performance - Satisfaction of requirements in the right size;
  • Ease of use - Creation of efficiency and simplicity.
The Emax 2 series circuit-breakers are equipped with protection trip units containing a large color touch-screen display for maximum ease of use. Productivity is increased while all stages, from design to daily operations, are simplified. Furthermore, the Ekip units can be programmed and consulted from a tablet, smart phone or portable PC via the Ekip Connect application, which allows the parameters of the safety devices calculated in the DOC software to be set automatically.
The trip units are easily interchangeable from the front of the circuit-breaker, and all communication units can be installed directly on the terminal box with a few simple operations.

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