ABB Retrofitting kit

Direct Replacement New Emax moving portion in Old Emax Fixed Part.

With no modifications to be made to your existing switchgear, retrofitting kits are a cost effective solution to upgrade your electrical system. The direct replacement retrofitting kit allows a very fast and reliable upgrade of the old Emax to New Emax Range.

In the field of low voltage circuit-breakers, ABB ensures operating continuity between the previous series of its apparatus and those currently in production, by studying special solutions to replace old breakers with new ones, with minimal disruptions to the existing system.

It is now possible to replace the old series of Emax circuit breakers, from E1 to E6, in withdrawable version with the recent series of circuit New Emax by using the newly designed direct replacement retrofitting kit.
A dedicated moving part has been created starting from the new circuit breaker in order to replicate the main and auxiliary circuit of the Old Emax.

The result is a new New Emax moving part able to be inserted into the existing old Emax fixed part, maintaining the original connections in the switchgear.

With this solution, there is no need to manage any dismantling operation of the existing fixed parts of the Emax breakers: thanks to this special solution the downtime is reduced and limited to the single load.

  • Service continuity guarantee.
  • Easy to install.
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance and spare parts.
  • Long availability of the product and its spare parts.
  • Conversion wiring already included.
  • Guarantee tested solution.
  • The New Emax can be equipped with a wide range of accessories.
  • Accessories prewired according to the original trip unit (PR111,PR121,PR112,PR122 and PR113, PR123).
  • Advanced monitoring system.
  • Advanced communication with PR120 D-M, monitoring and power measurement capabilities available on new circuit breaker (with PR122 and PR123).
The kit consists in:
  • Special New Emax moving part.
  • Dedicated wiring replicating the PR11x solutions.
  • Draw out lever.
  • Door flange.
  • Mechanical signalling of circuit breaker tripped.
  • Dedicated anti-insertion lock as for old Emax Fixed Part.
  • Lifting plates and withdrawable lever.

Correspondeces tables

Trip Units
Correspondences between Old Emax and New Emax Direct Replacement:
 Old Emax
 New Emax
E1B MP  3/4p  800  1250        E1B MP
E1N MP  3/4p  800  1250        E1N MP
E2B MP  3/4p  1600  2000        E2B MP
E2N MP  3/4p  1250  1600  2000      E2N MP
E2L MP  3/4p  1250  1600        E2L MP
E3N MP  3/4p  2500  3200        E3N MP
E3S MP  3/4p  1250  1600  2000  2500  3200  E3S MP
E3H MP  3/4p  1250  1600  2000  2500  3200  E3H MP
E3L MP  3/4p  2000  2500        E3L MP
E4S MP  3/4p  4000          E4S MP
E4H MP  3/4p  3200  4000        E4H MP
E6H MP  3/4p  5000  6300        E6H MP
E6V MP  3/4p  4000  5000  6300      E6V MP
Trip Unit installed in old Emax that can be replaced with the corresponding one of New Emax (check additional units to be required):

  Old Emax

  New Emax
 PR122-LSI with PR120K
 PR122-LSIG with PR120K
 PR122-LSI with PR120/K & PR120/D
 PR122-LSIG with PR120/K & PR120/D
 No Replacement
 No Replacement
 PR123-LSIG with PR120/K
 PR123-LSIG with PR120/K & PR120/D


Total compatibility
Externally cabled
Not compatible

Electrical and Mechanical accessories mounted in old Emax that can be replaced with the corresponding one of New Emax:

  • YO (shunt opening release).
  • YO2 (second shunt opening release).
  • YC (shunt closing release).
  • YU (undervoltage release).
  • D (electronical Delay for YU –into the switchboard).
  • M (motor for charging sprigs).
  • AUX Spring charged(S33M).
  • AUX CB tripped-S51.
  • AUX YU (YU energized) (not with PR113-123).
  • Q1…Q4 (Open/Close AUX contacts).
  • Q1…Q10 (Open/Close AUX contacts-for PR111-121).
  • Internal Programmable contact with PR120/K (not with PR111-121).
  • SOR Test Unit.
  • Key lock in open position.
  • Padlock in open position.
  • Mechanical operation counter.
  • Lock in/test/out position.
  • Mechanical lock for compartment door.
  • IP54 door protection.
  • Transparent protective cover for O/C push buttons.
  • Mechanical interlock with other breakers.

While the following accessories can be installed but externally cabled and installed:

  • SOR Test Unit.
  • Current sensor for neutral conductor outside circuit-breaker (into the switchboard).
  • TV (external voltage transformer).
  • PR120/D-M (*).
  • HMI030.
  • EP010.
  • New Emax Lift Device.
  • RRD.
(*) New Emax Dialogue unit has differen tModbus Protocol interface; replacement require modification of scada systems to use new parameters (not included)
The following New Emax accessories are not compatible with New Emax Direct replacement kit:
  • Remote reset command for tripped indication.
  • Homopolar toroid for differential protection.

Before ordering new Replacement Kit ABB suggest the verification of fixed part status and assess the absence of damage and the correct operation: F.P should present no traces of repulsion, short-circuiting or corroded copper, traces of oxidation or flaking silver-plating, plastic support that houses the studs is not cracked, broken or misshapen and sliding contacts is in a good condition and free to move.
ABB Specialist are available to support or handle in these assessments.

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