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Published on a monthly basis, the Emax 2 Stay tuned newsletter is intended to give you some important references on the product and keep you informed about the latest news, documents and tools.
Each edition focuses on a pillar of the new ABB air circuit breakers and on an example of installation with Emax 2. In particular, success stories, particular cases, problems solved and challenging situations where Emax 2 play the leading role.


Stay tuned #8 - Ease of use even for accessory installation

ABB SACE Emax 2 - Stay Tuned
Emax 2 - stay tuned, #8

Ease of Use is a key benefit of the innovative Emax 2 circuit breaker and now it has been enhanced even further by providing customer-focused installation support. The new Emax 2 video manuals are available via a dedicated page on ABB’s website. Additionally, you can scan a link to the videos directly on the accessory instruction manual thanks to QR technology.

Video Manuals for Emax 2
Simple but detailed user guides to illustrate how to install Emax 2’s main accessories. Select the installation tips you need and watch the associated video. You can select from three different tabs whether to watch the video on YouTube or to download the video and to read the instruction manual as a pdf file. You can either download the manuals directly from the website and build your video library off-line, or get the support you need wherever and whenever you want.

Give it a try! Here is the link to get started.

Emax2_stay-tuned_02_08_small_01 QR codes now on the Emax 2 instruction manuals
Starting from Q4 2015, QR (Quick Response) codes will be implemented on Emax 2 instruction manuals. By scanning these codes, you will automatically be directed to the corresponding installation video.
The first mark acts as a link to YouTube by clicking it when viewing the document on a PC, while the second connects to the video via QR scanner

Discover more by visiting Emax 2 web site - www.abb.com/emax2

Stay tuned #7 - All the advantages for Panel Builders

ABB SACE Emax 2 - Stay Tuned
Emax 2 - stay tuned, #7

The foremost goal in power distribution is to provide the highest reliability with improved energy efficiency and cost savings. Emax 2 can help also when other issues are at stake, like in critical power applications. Let’s take for example datacenters.


Emax2_stay-tuned_02_07_small_00_en Switchboard downsizing calculator
Use our online Calculator to estimate how much you can save by using Emax 2. Savings up to 25% have been calculated if all of the power breakers in its category were Emax 2.

The small-size cubicle of Emax 2, made possible by its reduced overall dimensions in comparison with the other LV air circuit-breakers in its category, enables considerable economies.

  • on copper, thanks to the reduction in length of the main distribution busbars
  • on metalworks required
and even on CO2 emissions (fewer trucks on the road!).
Shifting to Emax 2 means entering the era of global saving.

Emax2_stay-tuned_02_07_small_01 Case study: DataCenter
A datacenter must be reliable, as well as efficient, sustainable and flexible. ABB can answer all the requirements of datacenters owners and operators.

The challenge
To provide low voltage main distribution systems able to fulfill the demanding space requirements of a datacenter (more space means more server racks), and to guarantee the highest reliability and safety.

ABB solution
Emax 2, the LV air circuit-breakers which enable switchgear of compact dimensions and high ratings to be built with busbars of reduced length and cross-section. The most compact air circuit-breaker in the range up to 6300A with its innovative devices for remote control and accurate diagnostics: Ekip Touch, Ekip Measuring, and Ekip Modbus 485.

Emax2_stay-tuned_02_07_small_02 ABB low voltage circuit breakers at Hannover Messe 2015
Two circuit-breakers in UL version, designed and tested to fit the needs of North American countries and of those customers looking for a globally recognized product:
  • Emax 2 for UL 1066: air-circuit breakers in 4 sizes, continuous current rating from 600A to 6000A and breaking capacity up to 200kA
  • Tmax XT UL/CSA: moulded case circuit-breakers up to 250A for UL 489 and CSA C22.2 standards with latest generation electronics
and more: with an eye to global savings and always attentive to the environment, ABB presents its switchboard downsizing calculator switchboard downsizing calculator.

For in-depth information about Emax 2, please see the website www.abb.com/emax2

Stay tuned #6 - Connectivity

ABB SACE Emax 2 - Stay Tuned
Emax 2 - stay tuned, #6

Emax 2 is the first low voltage circuit-breaker mapped as an IEC 61850 Intelligent Electronic Device. This means top-level communication. And communication means improved plant management, remote control and advanced supervision of the industrial process integrated with the supervision of the electrical plant.

Emax 2 and IEC 61850
Thanks to Emax 2, a wide range of communication protocols is available directly on a low voltage circuit-breaker: Modbus, Profibus, Devicenet and Ethernet based protocols, Profinet and more. In fact, Emax 2 can be connected directly (i.e. without external gateway and dedicated programming) to an IEC 61850 system: the first low voltage breaker to be perfectly integrated in the Substation Automation world of possibilities. A dedicated optional communication module, Ekip Com IEC61850, is the port through which Emax 2 can access to the IEC 61850 world. This module is an accessory of Ekip Touch and Ekip Hi Touch, the new trip units embedded in Emax 2

Emax2_stay-tuned_02_06_small_01 Case study: SolVin e IEC 61850
Higher system productivity and increased safety for technicians are always important when realizing a plant. But all these was not sufficient for SolVin that required the LV side of the electrical plant to be fully integrated into the existing HV-MV SCADA System.

The challenge
To upgrade the LV side of the electrical plant to have it fully integrated into the IEC 61850 protocol used in MV switchboards and to grant 100% supervision of the plant (monitoring of LV ACBs, remote control, and interlocking with MV devices).

Discover more.

Emax2_stay-tuned_02_06_small_02 White paper – Communication with Emax2 circuit-breakers
This paper describes the communication functions available when using Emax 2 in supervision systems. Here you can find some useful information to integrate EMAX 2 into fieldbuses and into the Ethernet networks. This document includes also some indications about the choice of the Ekip electronic trip units (and of the relevant accessories for communication) with some examples of Emax 2 connection to communication networks.

Emax2_stay-tuned_02_04_small_01 3D Video – Terminal box and Ekip modules
The video shows how connection and disconnection to and from the terminal box are easy and immediate just with a screwdriver. Besides, it shows the replacement and upgrading of the Ekip modules: interchangeability and modularity are the keyword. ABB: always customer-oriented to offer simple, technologically advanced solutions.

For in-depth information about communication with Emax 2, see the Product Note and the White Paper.

All the documents and tools are available on Emax 2 Web site - www.abb.com/emax2

Stay Tuned #5 – All the advantages for consultants

ABB SACE Emax 2 - Stay Tuned
Emax 2 - stay tuned, #5
Emax 2, the perfect product for consultants:
  • a set of functions so complete that it rivals those of medium voltage relays: protection as never seen before for the most demanding installations
  • from circuit breaker to Power Manager: optimizing power consumption with Ekip Power Controller
  • compliance with IEC Standards and UL certification coming soon.

Special experimental equipment plus advanced measuring and testing techniques allows our Test Laboratory to simulate the toughest installation conditions. A wide range of tests carried out daily to offer world-proof products, at the forefront of technical innovation. This is the Test Laboratory where our circuit breakers are tested and SACE Emax 2 UL1066 certified.

EMAX 2 for UL 1066

Emax 2 for UL means tailored performance:
  • 4 sizes from E1.2 to E6.2
  • continuous current rating from 600A up to 6000A
  • breaking capacity up to 200kA
and innovative functions for reliable protection and intelligent load management. Emax 2 protects the systems, manages loads and generators, measures and analyses energy quality.

Emax2_stay-tuned_02_05_small_01 Case studies. Source Ground Return with Emax 2
Safety and reliability are always important when realizing a plant, but there are situations whose high criticality and hazardousness require technologically advanced solutions as in this case: a plant for an Iraqi oil and gas company.

The challenge
To provide total protection against earth faults in any point of the plant and guarantee selectivity between the MV and LV circuit-breakers, thus isolating only the area affected by the fault.

ABB solution
Emax 2 with Ekip Hi-Touch trip unit and Ekip Signalling module has offered the possibility of managing two independent curves for the protection against earth faults (function G), thus guaranteeing total protection.

End result
Total protection against earth faults is guaranteed thanks to the implementation of Source Ground Return, time selectivity and the possibility of sending opening commands from the LV to the MV circuit breaker.

Emax2_stay-tuned_02_06_small_02 Technical Application Papers No.3 - Distribution systems and protection against indirect contact and earth fault
Should you need any further information about Source Ground Return and the advanced protection systems against earth fault, download the third volume of our Technical Application Papers, a series of publications by ABB Division dealing with some of the main issues regarding low voltage.

Emax2_stay-tuned_02_04_small_01 Video 3D – Ease of upgrades and alarms
Discover how it is easy to upgrade your Emax 2 circuit-breakers, and to adapt it to your requirements, fitting into it different type of trip units, adding different modules, replacing the rating plug, everything with no need of special tools.

For in-depth information about all benefits for protections and measuring needs, for communication and plant management offered by Emax 2, see the Product Note.

Stay Tuned #4 – Ease of use

ABB SACE Emax 2 - Stay Tuned
Emax 2 - stay tuned, #4
The new technology of Emax 2 and its cutting-edge features make this circuit-breaker the best solution to meet the customers’ requirements even in the narrow space of a container. Discover how these characteristics result in the ease of use that makes Emax 2 a real revolution for a circuit-breaker.

Ease of use
Ease of use is one of the outstanding characteristics of Emax 2 circuit-breakers. ABB has created new solutions that make life easier for all the customers involved in design, manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance of switchboards and electrical plants. How? See what our customers think.
The strong points that made our customers choose our circuit-breakers:
  • Innovative HMI, for easy commissioning and operation.
  • Intuitive accessorizing: plug&play system and push-in connections.
  • Safer electrical plant with the embedded generator protection Ekip G.
  • Reduced column width with System Pro E Power.
  • Adjustable terminals, equipped by default, to meet all engineering requirements.
  • Remote control and accurate diagnostics thanks to integrated communication protocols.

Emax2_stay-tuned_02_04_small_02 Case study: New container, Emax 2 (Drillmec)
Replacing traditional breakers with the Emax 2 breaker has been a rewarding solution for Drillmec, when realizing a new container for the power supply and control of a drilling plant.

Thanks to the outstanding features of Emax 2, significant savings in terms of space (-33%) and time (-30%) in comparison with traditional circuit-breakers and the highest quality both in terms of reliability as well as costs.

Emax2_stay-tuned_02_04_small_01 Video 3D – Electrical accessories
The video shows how it is easy (and safe!) to access and upgrade your circuit-breaker, fitting into it coils, actuator, motor, auxiliary and signaling contacts, modules, and anything you may need … with just a screwdriver! How could you better meet customers’ requirements?

For in-depth information about the ease of use of Emax 2, see also the Product Note All the advantages for panel builders and the other 3D video animations in the related section. Do not forget that all the documents and tools are available on the Emax 2 Web site - www.abb.com/emax2

Stay Tuned #3 – Ekip G trip unit

ABB SACE Emax 2 - Stay Tuned
Emax 2 - stay tuned, #3
The Ekip G trip units integrated into Emax 2 circuit-breakers include all the functions of generator protection without the need for external devices or wiring. Discover all the advantages of Emax2 with Ekip G trip units for generator protection.

Advantages for generator protection
By incorporating the generator protection functions into the trip unit of a circuit-breaker, ABB has realized a solution that enables the number of components installed and the relative cabling to be reduced, with significant savings on the materials and space required.

Like all Emax 2 protection functions, the functions for generators are extremely precise and provide improved tripping times over those of relay devices. For a complete list of the generator specific protections incorporated into the Ekip G trip unit, please refer the Product Note The new Emax 2 Ekip G trip units for generator protection.

White Paper “Generators protection: Ekip G trip unit for Emax 2”

Discover all the features of the Ekip G trip unit thanks to useful descriptions and examples of the typical protection functions necessary to protect the generator and available on this innovative trip unit.

ABB_EkipG Case study: New air circuit-breaker Emax 2 with Ekip G trip unit for generator protection, COELMO, Italy
Electric generators may be subject to internal faults and anomalies arising from the system to which they are connected. For this reason, the protections used must be efficient and prompt to protect the generator. .

Customer requirement
COELMO required a main circuit-breaker with protection functions able to offer a prompt, reliable protection to its generating set - an emergency diesel generator to face up to any outage due to the lack of electric energy from the public Utility.

ABB solution
Ekip G is the new trip unit with touch screen display integrating into the Emax 2 circuit-breaker all the functions for the electric protection of the generator and monitoring the main critical parameters of the plant. This innovative solution simplifies the structure and the management of the electrical switchboard and makes unnecessary:
  • current and voltage transformers and their wiring
  • the external trip unit to be positioned on the switchboard front
  • the measuring instruments for the display of the electrical parameters.
End result
The wide range of integrated protection functions and the special features of this solution (protection functions and measurements directly set and shown on the display of the trip unit integrated into the generator set circuit-breaker) resulted in evident benefits: cost reduction, in terms of labor and materials, increased reliability of the measuring and protection system and less components installed.

For in-depth information about generator protection realized through the Ekip G trip units for Emax 2 circuit-breakers, please see the related Product Note and the White Paper “Generators protection: Ekip G trip unit for Emax 2” . All the documents and tools are also available on the Emax 2 Web site - www.abb.com/emax2

Stay Tuned #2 – Performance

ABB SACE Emax 2 - Stay Tuned
Emax 2 - stay tuned, #2
The new, cutting edge technology of Emax 2 circuit-breakers not only provides a complete new generation of trip units and advanced energy management systems but also the most compact footprint ever seen in its class. Discover all the advantages of Emax 2 for panel builders.

Advantages for panel builders
ABB has created new solutions for its panel builder customers: easier, safer, more efficient, and more connected than ever! How does the Emax 2 compare?
  • Busbar friendly with terminals specifically designed to fit the most common bus sizes.
  • Most compact footprint ever seen in its class.
  • Higest safety level (access is allowed to the accessory area only).
  • Multiple cartridge-type communication modules that can be easily installed on the terminal box for all communication solutions.

ABB_CaseStudies_FerryBoat Case study: Space saving for switchboard builder, IMESA, Italy
Replacing traditional breakers with the Emax 2 breaker has been a rewarding solution for IMESA, when its building switchboards for a new ferry boat.

Customer requirement
Reduction in overall dimensions is necessary to meet the requirements of ship installations, where the spaces for electrical distribution switchboards are more and more limited.

ABB solution
The new air circuit-breaker Emax 2 mantains a high electrical performance in despite its reduced dimensions. This cutting edge design enabled to meet the electrical and dimensional requirements for the project.

End result
Significant space and costs savings were achieved, thanks to very compact switchboards. Specifically, the column width was reduced by 45% compared to the industry standard layout of switchboards.

ABB_Video_Ship How to solve limited space requirements
The video shows how lack ships often face the challange of limited space requirements. Especially when it comes to the electrical installation areas.

The high electrical performance of Emax 2, together with its small frame size, can save up to 25% in terms of both footprint and volume.
How could you better meet limited space requirements?

For in-depth information about the advantages for panel builders, please see the related Product Note. All the documents and tools are also available on the Emax 2 Web site - www.abb.com/emax2

Stay Tuned #1 – Ekip Power Controller

ABB SACE Emax 2 - Stay Tuned
Emax 2 - stay tuned
In 2013, ABB launched the world's first low-voltage breaker for energy management and smart grid communications - the Emax 2.

After a year, 1,000s of circuit-breakers have already been installed worldwide. Now we want to keep you informed about our product, giving you some important references and telling you about the latest news, the documents and tools.

Load Management with Ekip Power Controller for Emax 2
Discover why Ekip Power Controller, available with the new ABB Emax2 circuit breaker, is the ideal solution for load management in plants of low and medium complexity representing a cutting-edge technology of reliability, simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

ABB_NuovoEdificio Case studies: New ABB building
New ABB SACE building - Bergamo (Italy)

Replacing traditional breakers with the Emax 2 breaker offers a potential annual savings of 5.8 million megawatt-hours (MWh), which is the equivalent electric consumption of 1.4 million EU households per year. Due to energy savings, this circuit-breaker will typically pay for itself within a year. That's why ABB is using the Emax 2 for its new office building in Bergamo and why the first reference note is exactly about us.

ABB_Simulator Power Controller calculator
Using the interactive calculator, you can compare the electricity costs for your plant with the same plant equipped with Emax 2 and the Ekip Power Controller. The Ekip Power Controller optimizes the load profile and reduces the demand charges you pay every month by managing loads and generators.
For new installations Ekip Power Controller may also reduce the fees required to connect the plant to the grid.
Electricity costs can be adjusted individually, according to your actual energy contract defined by the utility. After entering the total monthly energy and the maximum power demand, you will discover your potential savings.

ABB_Video_PowerController Video Emax 2 Power Controller
The video shows how the Ekip Power Controller operates in a building to control load disconnection when the absorbed power exceeds the set threshold limit (see the graph comparing consumption with and without Power Controller).
What is it? It's just the evolution from circuit-breaker to power manager you can get with Emax 2!

For in-depth information about the innovative Power Controller function, please see the related White Paper and Product Note. All the documents and tools are also available on the Emax 2 Web site - www.abb.com/emax2
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