The evolution continues

The New Emax family of air circuit-breakers consists of six sizes: X1, E1, E2, E3, E4, E6 up to 6300A. 
All the New Emax circuit-breakers have the same height and depth both in the fixed and withdrawable version and allow construction of compact switchgears.

Main benefits

  • Maximum safety is ensured in many different ways, such as racking-out with the door closed, degree of protection towards the outside up to IP54, various different safety locks and double insulation.
  • The innovative pole structure guarantees complete insulation between phases, and between the phases and neutral, while ensuring full possibility of inspection of the arcing chamber and the main contacts.
  • Lively performance. E1 now offers current ratings up to 1600A, whilst E3 is enhanced by the top performance level V.

Main features

  • Brilliant intelligence. The new generation of protection trip units is fitted with the latest advances in electronics, offering individual bespoke solutions for control and protection.
  • The new trip units, which are amazingly versatile and simply to use, offer important innovations, such as the brand-new intuitive operator interface allowing a complete control of the system with just a few simply key-strokes.
  • Furthermore, there are new protections, new alarms and connection to handheld and laptop PCs using Bluetooth technology.
  • With the new standardize system of accessories, studied and made for new Emax, work becomes easier, convenient, safe and rapid.

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