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Emax LTT -40 °C

For Low Temperature applications

Over the past years, new industrial needs and rapid growth of renewable energy power generation have led to new requirements for electrical installations in terms of extremely low operating temperatures. Sensitive to these market dynamics and closely following technological innovation, ABB offers new version of circuit breakers suitable for applications where the ambient temperature is in -40°C +70°C range.

Introducing a new generation of high performance grease and improving the reliability of the mechanical and electronic components at extremely low temperatures, ABB LTT breakers are the best solution for:

  • Substations without heating in the coldest regions of the world;
  • Wind turbine applications, both onshore and offshore;
  • Industrial processes with outdoor switchboards;
  • Dockyards and temporary external switchboards;
  • Traction applications, such as external infrastructures.

ABB now offers this distinctive temperature feature in its Emax air circuit breakers and Emax switch disconnectors. A wide range of mechanical and electrical accessories completes ABB LTT offer.

Circuit breakers and accessories conform to the following major International Standards:

  • IEC60947
  • UL1066