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Infinite possibilities

ABB-Welcome IP

We want to shape the future of architecture and building technology. The trend of urbanization does not tolerate limitations. That is why we believe the time has come for a new Door Communication System that sets no limitation and allows infinite possibilities.

For a better future and comfortable living

In our strive for perfection we help people enjoy facing future trends and living, generate comfort, create more flexibility and enjoy life. As a result, we are constantly trying to improve our progress, looking for the most user-friendly solution and bringing people and technology together.

ABB-Welcome IP - innovative features and design

ABB-Welcome IP raises the new technology to fulfil all needs of project developers for building and construction facing the communication inside and outside of buildings.

Unfolding the full potential of the IP technology, ABB-Welcome IP goes ahead with innovative features and fits all given surroundings without neglecting the aesthetic and elegant design.

One system for all needs

The IP technology of the new ABB door entry system offers the possibility to create the project of your dreams without thinking about the size and how you can manage distance.

The PoE connection makes additional wires needless and makes you focus on more important things – to give people more comfort and safety.

ABB-Welcome IP is engineered with a well thought out concept which enables you to equip big house complexes including high risers and compounds with less effort. It verifies a seamless integration of endless door communication devices within one system and ensures the multi-channel approach for connecting the outdoor and indoor world.


ABB-Welcome IP has taken into account all necessary integration components. Managing IP cameras for surveillance, establishing various alarm sensors, ensuring communication between outdoor and indoor world as well as between apartments and houses. On top of all, ABB-Welcome IP seamlessly merges with a Smart Home KNX system.

Support from outside

The property management software enables guard units or centralized facility management to take care of the safety and requests from residents. It is watching out and taking action ranging from call forwarding to order handling via text messaging with the residents, surveillance and much more.

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