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OTDC Special solutions

Reduce the overall structural cost, installation cost and space consumption with the special OTDC solutions

Multi-circuit solutions – for multiplied benefits
With OTDC switches it is possible to control two or three circuits simultaneously with only one switch.

Load-side combining – High performance, compact solution
Increase the current output up to three times in a 37% lower space. The load-side combining solutions allow the use of OTDC switches in applications that require up to 800 A (UL) or 1500 A (IEC) outputs.
IEC, 2 x 315/400/500 A                                                 IEC, 3 x 315/400/500 A     

UL, 2 x 250/320/400 A                                                  UL (grounded), 2 x 250/320/400 A


Higher voltage – 1500 V DC solutions
ABB is ready to respond to the demands of the global market: OTDC is now available for 1500 V DC from 315 to 500 A (IEC) and from 250 to 400 A (UL).

Watch the videos to learn more about OTDC switch-disconnectors

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