Emergency power inlets

Used for emergency power genrators.

Main features

  • IP43
  • 32 A, 63 A and 125 A
  • Metal enclosure
  • Inlet according to IEC 60 309-2, 3P+N+E, 6h, 400 V
  • Transfer switch according to IEC 60 947-3
  • Pilot indicator for returning power network voltage
  • Bottom flange size FL13 (DRI 432-6 and DRI 463-6) or FL21 (DRI 4125-6)


Construction site connection unit

Ready made connection units providing temporary power to construction sites.

Main features

  • IP44
  • 16 A and 32 A
  • Enclosure made of yellow thermoplastic polyester (PBT)
  • The units are equipped with protection (RCD and MCB) and different sets of Schuko and IEC outlets

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