Pluto Safety PLC

A compact, powerful and user-friendly safety PLC.

Pluto is a cost effective, powerful and compact safety PLC for all machine safety applications. Most safety devices on the market can be connected directly to Pluto and multiple safety sensors can be connected to a single input and still achieve the highest safety level. Programming is done easily in the accompanying software Pluto Manager.

Pluto is available in different models; simple models for smaller systems and models with bus communication for lager systems. Some of our Pluto models are adapted for AS-i . Models with analogue inputs are available as well. 

Main benefits

  • Easy programming and still powerful
  • Eliminates the need for extra module for speed monitoring for ex.
  • Up to 32 Pluto can exchange data without extra programming
  • Safe bus simplifies connection between cabinets in accordance with PL e/SIL3
  • AS-i models simplify connection
  • Extensive communication possibilities with HMI and PLCs

Main features

  • Most Machine Safety functions inclusive speed monitoring and analog input monitoring
  • Advanced programming possibilities
  • Ladder and TÜV approved function blocks
  • PL e/SIL 3
  • Supports StatusBus Read more about StatusBus here

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  • Pluto S20 
  • Pluto S46 

Single-Plutos are stand alone units and therefore perfectly suited for smaller systems that do not require communication with other Pluto units or gateways.

Pluto with bus

  • Pluto A20 
  • Pluto B20 
  • Pluto B22 
  • Pluto B46 

Pluto versions with bus have the same features as single-Pluto with the addition of a safe Pluto-bus.

Pluto with analogue inputs

  • Pluto D20

Pluto models with analogue inputs has the same features as Pluto versions with bus, but with the added feature that some of the inputs can be used as either ordinary safe inputs or as safe analogue inputs.

Pluto with analogue inputs and counter inputs for speed monitoring

  • Pluto D45

In addition to analogue inputs, these Pluto model also have inputs that can be configured as counter inputs for incremental encoders as well as photocells, proximity switches etc.

Pluto output module

  • Pluto O2

Pluto O2 is a safety output module that simplifies expansion of safety systems when more safety outputs are needed. Each Pluto O2 offers two independent safety outputs with three contacts each, which eliminates the need for extra expansion relays.

Pluto with AS-i

  • Pluto AS-i 
  • Pluto B42 AS-i

Pluto AS-i is a safety PLC designed for the AS-i Safety concept where all the safety components are connected to a single cable. Pluto AS-i has the same features as a standard Pluto, but in addition to the Pluto-bus it also has an AS-i bus interface. Pluto AS-i can act as a safety monitor on the AS-i bus or as both a master and a safety monitor at the same time. Pluto As-i can also be used as an I/O controller.

Pluto Manager 

Pluto Manager is a software tailored for the safety PLC Pluto. Programming is done in ladder and together with the function block creates the structure of your safety functions. The software comes with predefined function blocks approved by TÜV to facilitate the work on designing the safety functions. 

Pluto Manager gives you a structured overview of Pluto’s, gateways and peripheral components in large and small projects. It gives you an overview and control of the sensors and actuators, and the reactions between them. Pluto Manager also contains manuals for the software and hardware that are connected and needs to be handled through the program. 

The interface gives the option to get the status directly from Pluto’s two bus options, AS-i and Pluto bus. There are also diagnostic functions and the option to export data. 

To be able to load the program code to the Pluto module you need a license key. The license key is obtained separately by contacting you local sales representative. 

We offer a range of accessories for Pluto Safety-PLC such as cables, connectors, function blocks and identifier circuits (IDFIX). 


IDFIX is an identification circuit that is unique to each device on the Pluto bus. It includes an identification code and makes it possible to distribute a PLC program in the network. There are four different versions: R, RW, DATA and PROG. In addition to the identification code, DATA may also include safety codes from the AS-i nodes in an AS-i system. PROG includes the current PLC program and is used with single-Pluto for program distribution. 
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