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Expansion relays

By connecting expansion relays from the E series to a safety relay it is easy to increase the number of safe outputs. This means that an unlimited number of dangerous machine operations and functions can be stopped from one safety relay.

The JSR series are used for expanding the outputs of safety relays. Stop signals can be delayed and outputs are also provided for function indication.

The BT series consist of safety relays designed to connect safety devices, such as emergency stops, directly in the voltage supply circuit to the relay. These relays can also be used as expansion relays for Pluto to increase the number of outputs.

Main benefits

  • Easy and safe expansion of safety outputs
  • High switching capacity
  • No need of external monitoring on BT50/51
  • Width from only 22.5 mm
  • Up to PL e/Cat 4, SIL3

Main features

  • 4 safety outputs + 1 NC (Info)
  • Up to 10A/250V switching capacity
  • BT50 with 3 safety outputs: 3 NO + 1 NC (info)
  • BT51 with 4 safety outputs: 4 NO
  • Models with delayed safety outputs

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