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Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Managing huge challenges in terms of safety, security and monitoring of Battery Protection Units (BPUs) and Power Conversion Systems (PCSs)

Renewable energy sources like solar or wind are far from steady. Electricity production on a rainy morning or on a windless day could be very far from what you get in a sunny, bright and windy afternoon. But demand for electricity on the local grid could be the same or even face sudden peaks.

That’s why, depending on renewables, up from a local utility down to a residential system, one must take suitable precautions when demand and renewables energy generation are out of balance, which is often the case in early mornings and evenings, when demand is usually high and cannot rely on weather conditions.

The most obvious solution to this unpredictability is energy storage. Modern Energy Storage Systems (ESS) tend to rely on battery systems, a common way of storing electrical energy transforming it into electrochemical energy.


Challenges and commitment

ESS using batteries present two main differences with other applications. First, the flow of current is in 2 ways, charging and discharging of the batteries; second, the prospect of a short-circuit current can be very high (generally speaking, a typical waveform will have a high first peak followed by a steady-state short-circuit current, that can easily reach some tens of kA), while this is not possible e.g. within PV applications.
ABB can offer suitable bidirectional devices for protection from overload and shortcircuit, as well as disconnecting means even up to 1500V DC.

Another section that is worthwhile to be taken into consideration is the AC part of the ESS. Malfunction caused by high harmonic contents can lead to unwanted trips on normal currents and for this reason ABB can offer a range of products with a suitable level of immunity from high harmonics.

- DC products for Battery Protection Unit (BPU) and Power Conversion System (PCS)
- AC products for Power Conversion System (PCS) and connection to the grid
- Auxiliary products for Battery Management System (BMS)
- Other products for installation