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Comprehensive solutions for reliable hospital operation

Hospitals and medical centers are complex buildings. Operational continuity and energy management are of central importance for the reliable and efficient hospital operation. Power outages are not only a nuisance, they can also be life-threatening. This is why, for many years already, hospitals from all over the world have been relying on ABB technology.

The prospect of a hospital without the power to run an electric heart rhythm monitor or the lights during an operation is simply unthinkable. To prevent this from ever happening, emergency power systems ensure that even during a public-grid blackout, enough power is available to operate the hospital.

It is important to ensure the availability of power to the specific locations in hospitals like operation theatres, intensive care units, critical care units etc. even in case of a fault situation without causing damage to people or connected devices. Once the operation is completed the installer can identify and rectify the fault for the next operation.

For many hospitals, ABB modernized the entire control systems for emergency power groups as well as the main distribution system. The programmable logic control system controls the diesel engines and generators of the emergency power groups and communicates with other control systems. Thanks to a cleverly designed comprehensive load management system, individual consumers can also turn the system on or off: only when all operating and delivery rooms are supplied with power and enough reserve power is available, can less critical parts of the system be brought online.

Many Hospitals are also equipped with emergency power control systems running on the technology from ABB. Our medium-voltage switchgear, transformers, MNS switchgear with condition monitoring as well as diesel-based emergency power aggregates, control systems, grid control systems and more, provide reliable services in hospitals across the country – reliable enough to prevent a power outage in a delivery room from ever happening.

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