ABB EQmatic

Energy Analyzer

The new ABB EQmatic Energy Analyzer is a compact solution for monitoring, logging, visualizing and analyzing energy and consumption data from electricity, gas, water or heat meters via KNX, M-Bus or Modbus RTU. The web-based user interface is individually configurable to the respective requirements and makes it possible to identify energy thieves and optimize energy costs sustainably.

Main benefits:

  • Cost reduction and increased energy savings
  • Support in implementing energy management systems e.g. ISO 50001
  • Quick and easy installation and commissioning, no additional PC software needed
  • Manufacturer independent meter integration (electricity, gas, water or heat meters) via custom meter configuration

Main features:

  • Automatic detection of ABB EQ meters (A- and B-Series) and M2M network analyzers (QA/S 3.xx.1, M-Bus, and QA/S 4.xx.1, Modbus)
  • Load control function, alarm function and monitoring of environmental parameters (QA/S 1.16.1, KNX)
  • Local data storage and data sharing options
  • Integration into ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager
  • Graphical data analysis via dashboard/chart diagrams and data export options

User Interface: Individually configurable

Commissioning and operation are carried out via the web-based graphical user interface. For a detailed monitoring the devices offer several analysis functions such as historical data analysis, benchmark functions, cost analysis according to consumer, instantaneous values, etc. The configurable dashboard page provides a quick overview of most relevant metering data and analytic charts according to customer needs. Various export functions (E-mail, FTP) for further processing of the data and connectivity options (Modbus/TCP, RestAPI) for integration into supervisory systems (e.g. SCADA, BMS, etc.) are available.

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