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Panel builders

Connect the panel to the cloud in 10 minutes

The installation procedure is as simple as snapping your fingers and allows you to equip your switchboards with more capabilities. ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System is based on a simple and integrated architecture - panel builders and installers just need to plug and play.

Embrace ABB’s push for innovation; take advantage of ABB product usability and connectivity to improve your customer projects and upgrade your business.
Grow your offering quickly and easily.

Plug and play
No complex hardware or connections are needed, nor engineering time and costs. A cartridge-type communication module - the new Ekip Com Hub - just has to be installed on the terminal box in order to establish the cloud connection. Via Ekip Connect software, a wizard is able to set up the system in a few minutes through an automatic scan of devices and configuration.

Minimum effort
No complex configurations, multiple DIN-rail adapters or gateways have to be installed. Compared to similar solutions, ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System allows you to reduce the number of hardware components required by 60 percent. ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System’s integrated architecture also enables reduction of wiring and connection time, while simplifying the integration of devices in the system.

Unlimited value
A simple and integrated architecture delivers scalable and always-up-to-date services to your customers - so you can forget about the expensive and time-consuming setup of an energy monitoring and management system involving many components. In addition, it is possible for installers and panel builders to continue to track the switchboard performance and history, and directly access device technical documentation.

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