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How does it work?


A simple and integrated architecture enables scalable and always-up-to- date services.

The ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System quickly connects to the low-voltage power distribution panels with plug and play devices:

  • Air circuit breakers
  • Molded-case circuit breakers
  • Miniate circuit breakers
  • Metering devices
  • Disconnect switches
  • Arc-guard
  • TruONE™

    ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System is built on state-of-the-art cloud architecture for data collection, processing and storage. This cloud architecture has been developed together with Microsoft to enhance performance and guarantee the highest reliability and security

    Tab - Embedded
    Embedded solution with Ekip Com Hub

    The advanced measurement functions and connectivity features of Emax 2 air circuit breakers set out new perspectives for innovation.
    An Emax 2 equipped with the new Ekip Com Hub establishes the cloud connection for the whole switchboard. This dedicated cartridge-type communication module is simply inserted into the terminal box and connected to the internet. Then, the Ekip Com Hub collects data from the other devices, namely Emax 2s equipped with one of the following communication modules:
    Ekip Com Modbus RS-485 Ekip Com Modbus TCP
    Via Ekip Connect software, it is possible to achieve guided commissioning in just a few minutes thanks to a wizard and self-configuring connections.

    Tab – External (coming in 2019)

    Tab - Upgrade
    Upgrade with Ekip UP

    It is possible to retrofit the installed base, with both ABB components’ supply and 3rd party vendor’s, through Ekip Com Hub module plugged into Ekip UP units.
    Ekip UP equipped with Ekip Com Hub establishes the cloud connection for a specific feeding line, load or even for the whole distribution system. This dedicated cartridge type communication module just needs to be inserted into the terminal box and connected to the internet using an external router.
    ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System immediately connects to the power distribution panel, also down to the smallest loads by means of CMS 700, with no impact on the installed components and plug and play approach.




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