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ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System dashboard shows system status in a glance. 

Available widgets:

  • Power Demand - show real-time active power demand from the grid to help you cut energy consumption during high cost, peak periods
  • Power Quality - monitor parameters regarding the network power quality for specific devices to improve equipment efficiencies and longevity
  • Power Factor – shows both real-time and average values of the power factor for selected devices on main feeding lines to understand power cost drivers.
  • Real Time Currents - show real-time data of the currents for each connected devices shows you potential downstream issues, before they’re a problem.
  • Peak Monitoring - monitor trends of the power peaks for specific devices on main feeding lines shows you which areas in your facility are costing you the most money.
  • States and Events - display state, events and alarms linked to 3rd party products installed in the system via the Ekip Signaling Modbus module
  • Device Power Data, Energy Data, Energy Monitoring, Power Generation, Real Time Power, Real Time Voltage, and more.  System is automatically updated as new widgets are introduced.

The dashboard can display single or multi-site trends from the main feeder all the way down to the lowest consumption branch of the electrical system in real-time.

To simplify monitoring quickly and easily assign devices to assets, facility boards and panels, which can be illustrated with Icons and made interactive with tags and markers.

Utilizing asset photos makes it simple to access, at any time, all the information for each device:

  • State of devices.
  • Presence of alerts or abnormal operation.
  • General parameters, such as device type, serial numbers and rated parameters. Maintenance, eg, latest service operations, contact wear, number of trips, etc. Electronics, such as software versions and relay information.
  • Direct links to related ABB documentation and manuals.

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