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Give your customers more power over power consumption.

Build in the savings with ABB Ability™ EDCS.

The ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS) is the innovative cloud-based platform that enables your customers to monitor and manage facility electrical distribution via smartphone, tablet or computer in real time to optimize energy use and costs. Its predictive capabilities help reduce downtime and maintenance expenses. And its flexible, scalable design enables you to deliver always-up-to-date services to your customers without the expense and multi-component complexity of conventional monitoring and management systems. In addition, you can continue to track the switchboard performance and history after installation and directly access device technical documentation on an ongoing basis. 

Manageability. Reliability. Profitability. ABB Ability™ EDCS.

Every ability you need to succeed.

Easy to Install

The integrated architecture and plug-and-play design of ABB Ability™ reduces wiring and connection time while simplifying the integration of other system devices. In fact, it can reduce the number of hardware components by 60%. No complex configurations, multiple DIN-rail adapters or gateways are necessary. Using the Ekip Com Hub, connecting the EDCS to the cloud is quick. And Ekip Connect Software provides a wizard that can set up the system within minutes.

Energy Efficiency

Real-time access to power distribution data from anywhere, anytime, allows users to monitor loads, view costs, reduce energy consumption at peak periods and increase demand when most advantageous—all with a few clicks. Comprehensive electrical system data collection makes comparative analysis, benchmarking, reporting, cost allocation and implementation of energy management strategies easy and fast. By eliminating inefficiencies in the system and providing a higher level of control, ABB Ability™ EDCS can save 10% on utility bills alone and can help cut overall operational costs by up to 30%.

Speed Up Your Project

Because ABB Ability™ EDCS is native with ABB devices, system design is streamlined, and savings on hardware and architecture are immediate. Unmatched scalability and flexibility enable easy integration with complex supervision and management systems in both single- and multiple-site applications. As a result, the initial cost and build-up time of top-level systems, such as building management systems, can be reduced by 15%.

Continuous Operation

Continuous diagnostics of the devices in the electrical system enable a higher level of predictive maintenance to help avoid downtime and the costs of unnecessary preventive maintenance and equipment checks—with savings of up to 30%. Alerts and notifications ensure quick response to potential problems, so performance isn’t compromised. 

Optimum Interface

The cloud-based connectivity of ABB Ability™ simplifies coordination of the EDCS with other ABB devices, including Emax 2 and TruONE® ATS, ensuring one common user interface and one common software environment.