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What is it?


ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS)


The ability to send power right to the bottom line

Monitor, manage and optimize facility energy consumption, anytime from anywhere, with ABB Ability™ EDCS.

The ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS) is the innovative cloud-based platform that enables you to monitor and manage your facility’s electrical distribution via smartphone, tablet or computer in real time to optimize energy use and costs. Flexible, scalable and easy to implement and use in multi-site applications, the ABB Ability EDCS simplifies building management, offers predictive capabilities that reduce downtime and maintenance, and enables users to dramatically reduce operational costs. For owners, the ABB Ability EDCS can add significantly to the bottom line and to the facility’s market value. For consultants, panel builders and others who incorporate it into their projects, it offers a unique competitive advantage.

Monitor – Through and easy to use dashboard see real-time tracking single or multi-site

  • Power Demand
  • Power Factor
  • Real time currents
  • Power Quality
  • Peak monitoring
  • Energy consumption

    Optimize - the ability to collect and export data and historical trends.  Reports can be run on-demand or set-up to run automatically; daily, weekly, or monthly.  These reports provide the ability to establish benchmarks for establishing best practices.

    Control - the ability to remotely implement effective strategy for peak power control, energy management and demand-response.

    Predict - the power of cloud computing, machine learning and ABB’s expertise to propose highly targeted maintenance actions – before any problems occur. This gives you better availability, longer process uptime, and peace of mind

    ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System also provides access on a multi-site level- monitoring and comparing the performances of different facilities at the same time. 




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