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Ease of use and safety

Everything under control and problem free.

Simplified installation and maintenance. The SACE Emax 2 series circuit-breakers are equipped with protection trip units containing a large colour touch-screen display for maximum ease of use. Productivity is increased while all stages, from design to daily operations, are simplified

Fixed and Withdrawable

The entire range is available in fixed and withdrawable versions, with double insulation between the front of the switchgear and the live parts to ensure operation in complete safety. The circuit-breakers can be powered indifferently from above or below.

Information Area

All essential information is available in the central area of the front shield and enables immediate identification of the status of the circuit-breaker: open, closed, ready to close, charged and discharged springs.


Maintenance is simply and safe. Thanks to the new front shield, the main accessories can be frontally accessed without completely removing it.
The withdrawable circuit-breaker is inserted and removed via dedicated guide rails that simplify movement. The correct movement from racked-in, test isolated, to racked-out position is guaranteed by a lock in each position. As a further guarantee of safety, the shutters of the fixed part can be locked from the front when the circuit-breaker is removed. The shutters of the upper terminals are independent of those of the lower terminals to facilitate checking and maintenance operations.

Touchscreen Display

The Ekip Touch protection trip units are equipped with a large colour touch-screen display which enables safe and intuitive operation. Furthermore the Ekip units can be programmed and consulted from a tablet, smart phone or portable PC via the Ekip Connect application, which allows the parameters of the safety devices calculated in the DOC software to be set automatically.

The trip units are easily interchangeable from the front of the circuit-breaker, and all communication units can be installed directly on the terminal box with a few simple operations.