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Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs)

SENTRICITY´s Miniature Circuit Breakers use state-of-the-art energy-limiting technology to interrupt short circuits faster and safer. Energy-limiting technology interrupts the shorted circuit up to three times faster than conventional zero crossing circuit-breaker technology for more safety in your installation. The let-through energy is limited to less than 30% of other circuit breakers reducing the likelihood of collateral damage. Due to the fact that the breaker trips up to three times faster, the branch MCB trips before the main breaker. This selectivity will disconnect only the affected branch circuit not the entire installation.


  • Energy-limiting technology
  • Trip to mid-handle position
  • Signalization window for easy tripped-state indication
  • IP20 finger-safe terminal
  • Fail-safe terminal
  • Slot/Robertson combination terminal screws
  • Backed out captive terminal screws
  • One lock out / tag out device
  • Durable laser printing for easy product identification
  • UL and CSA listed


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