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Energy management

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Mondi Świecie invests in Industry 4.0 technology

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What is ABB Energy Management?


Imagine running a marathon carry a heavy backpack on your shoulders: it’s not easy, is it? Your plant is like your body, it needs to work perfectly to be really powerful. Thanks to ABB solutions and management services, monitoring the correct energy consumption and avoiding losses and waste, your plant can always work perfectly. It’s a decisive element for you and your business and the best solution in technology trends in asset management.

ABB for Energy Management ABB Ability™ EDCS


Not a simple power quality analyzer but an innovative cloud-computing platform developed with Microsoft to minimize risks of cloud computing. It’s consultable anywhere and with any device to monitor, optimize, predict actions and maintenance, check the effectiveness and efficiency of the plant. One goal: save energy in a simple way, with all of benefits of cloud storage, and grow the business.

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ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System in numbers

Our offering

ABB Energy Management is an ecosystem in continuous improvement. Explore the world of ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System and discover how energy and asset management are easily achieved through all these features.

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