Configurable Remote Power Panels 250A-1000A

Reliable, efficient, flexible infrastructure for the sustainable profitability of your data center

ABB’s configurable Remote Power Panel (RPP) helps to meet the demands of power-intensive applications, delivering unsurpassed power monitoring and distribution with up to 256 poles in a safe, reliable, space-saving footprint. The RPP is the ideal solution for data center engineers, saving the time for planning and drawing of the RPP. The configurable RPP can ensure continuous power to critical applications and help panel builders to reduce the certification costs dramatically. 

Main benefits:

  • Create a real value proposition for:
  • Save build-up time using an automatically prepared bill of material and wiring plan
  • Reduce approval cost for the owner by using the pre-type test document according to IEC 61439-2 which we provide for free
  • Meet 80% of the typical data center market applications with configurable remote power panel solutions and save the most expensive thing you have: your time

Main features:

  • Incoming Current from 250A up to 1000A
  • 2 – 4 vertical SMISSLINE modules with MCBs and Circuit Monitoring System(CMS)
  • Can support from 64 up to 256 poles (e.g. to rack PDUs inside the server cabinets)
  • Pre-type tested according to IEC 61439-2, certificates available for free
  • Dynamic drawing plan and bill of material for each configuration with configuration app

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