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Highest flexibility with the new DALI-Gateways

Control DALI devices, DALI groups and DALI emergency devices with one Gateway

A DALI-Gateway serves as the interface between the KNX installation in the building and the digital DALI lighting control system, and therefore unites the two most important building automation standards.
The new DALI-Gateways DG/S (1fold) and DG/S (2fold) from ABB each come with a DALI power supply and have emergency lighting features for DALI self-contained emergency lights.
Intelligent light management with DALI has a number of advantages including flexible components, ease of installation and simple programming. Alongside KNX building automation, DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) has become the most important lighting control in the building management system. DALI systems have benefited greatly from a steadily growing market.
KNX controls and monitors the lighting system with the gateway by means of broadcast, single or group control.

Product advantages:
  • Controlling individual DALI devices, DALI groups and DALI emergency devices with one DALI-Gateway instead of three.
  • Optimized staircase, slave, scene and burn-in features
  • Reaction to partial lighting cuts & background brightness during the night functionality
  • Easy to install: No tool needed for removing the gateway from DIN rail
  • Faster programming: Simplified programming in ETS with user-friendly templates. A single change in parameters updates the parameters of all 64 DALI participants and 16 groups automatically.

Two versions available

DALI-Gateway DG/S – 1fold

    The 1fold DALI gateway for ABB i-bus® KNX can be used to control up to 64 single DALI participants. These can even be compiled into 16 DALI groups and/or scenes.

DALI-Gateway DG/S - 2fold

    The only difference between it and the 1fold DALI gateway is that it has two outputs and therefore twice as many DALI devices, DALI groups, scenes and emergency devices can be connected. The 2fold DALI gateway provides maximum flexibility combined with the maximum number of DALI participants and groups.

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