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Door Entry System Configurators

The easiest way to plan a door entry system

ABB's door entry configurators give you the opportunity to create a customized solution to suit your individual needs - no matter if it's for for commercial, public or residential buildings. Focus on your project and let the configurator generate the project details automatically.    

Start planning with the Door Entry Configurator


Configurator Features

Quick planning function

Suitable for simple projects where all floors have the same number of apartments, all apartments have the same equipment and there are only Outdoor Stations at the building level. Then the user can either go to the details by clicking on "Preview and edit" or go directly to the result.

Planning from scratch

Use this planning mode if all floors and apartments are different.
With this tool you can individually equip all units, such as apartments, floors and buildings, as well as plan a multi-level residential complex.

Wiring diagrams & Product documentation

The project documentation contains a diagram, showing the connection and device settings. Any required system components, such as local or auxiliary power supply and IP switches, are added automatically and power consumption requirements are always met. Theoretically, no further knowledge is required, just install the system according to the documentation and it will work.


Comparison of 2-wire and IP system

DES for 2-wire and IP


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