ABB-free@home® unveils new functionalities at the IFA fair


Sonos speakers can now be integrated into ABB-free@home®. Additionally, the system allows actions to be triggered depending on the geographical location of the owners. The integration of Amazon’s cloud-based voice service Alexa will follow later this year.


Integration of Sonos

The integration of the Sonos wireless home sound system into ABB-free@home brings multi-room audio to a new level of convenience. Your Sonos speakers can now be controlled by your perfectly integrated free@home in-wall sensors and panels to play/pause the music, skip through your Sonos favorites or to set the volume.

You like to listen to news radio in the kitchen every morning and to club music in the whole house while hanging out with friends? Save your settings in a scene and recall them by the push of a button! You don't need your smart phone anymore to control your Sonos system.


Let your smart home know when you leave work so that it can turn up the heating for you. The new Geofencing feature of ABB-free@home lets you draw an imaginary fence around your home and other locations. Upon entering or leaving these fences the ABB-free@home system automatically performs your predefined actions, e.g. turning off all the lights at home when everybody has left, or turning on the heating as soon as you leave work so that your home is warm and cozy when you arrive.


Integration of Alexa

From December onwards, ABB-free@home® users will be able to control lighting, blinds, heating and scenes through Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, simply by telling Alexa what they would like to do. For instance: “Alexa, turn on the ceiling light”, “Alexa, set the temperature to 22 degrees”, or “Alexa, open the blinds”. All the user needs to do is link their Amazon account to their myABB Living Space® account using the Alexa app and Alexa will be activated.


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