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ABB i-bus® KNX IoT Dashboard

User-friendly dashboard to make life easier for electrical installers and end users

The IoT Dashboard is user-friendly and easy to use, giving electrical installers with no pre-knowledge of dashboards or visualization a simple route into the Smart Building market. The new IoT Dashboard comes with pre-programmed frames and allows strong control and monitoring of all automated building functions, from dimming and switching of lights to controlling blinds, heating and ventilation. It is a way to control Smart Buildings from any device, anywhere and at any time. It helps end users (e.g. facility managers) to monitor and control their building automation solutions in an intuitive and responsive way.

Applications & usage

How-to-create the IoT Dashboard

Customer voices

Electrical Installer

“I have several projects right now which do not need a complex visualization, the IoT Dashboard is therefore an optimal solution. Thanks to the pre-defined controls and the graphical interface it is really plug and play. The best is: I can export directly from ETS and make changes in the Dashboard, then load back on to the ETS. “ 


„Time is a critical factor in my job. For me as a planner it is a plus, that the ABB offer is easy-to-use and offers fast results. That makes life easier for me.“

Facility Manager:

“The IoT Dashboard gives me great flexibility, I can monitor and control all rooms in my hotel via my desktop pc. Thanks to the smart dashboard, I can also do so via my tablet pc or mobile phone. It’s really awesome, as I am up-to-date and informed real-time. The best is, that I receive alerts directly on my mobile phone, so I do not actually need to check the dashboard all day, the dashboard controls itself and informs me in case of any unusual event.”


„Sustainability is important for all future investments. Especially for digital 
solutions we are having an eye on cyber security. It‘s a big benefit for the 
IoT dashboard solution that ABB ensures latest cyber security level.“


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