New Blind and Roller Shutter Actuator with Binary Inputs

For the automated control of lights or blinds with KNX sensors or standard push buttons

The new blind and roller shutter actuator with binary inputs JRA/S allows the safe and easy operation of 6 independent blinds, shutters, lights or any other loads of up to 6A and is equipped with 12 binary inputs allowing the installer to choose between KNX sensors or any other standard push buttons.

Main benefits:

  • Time saving due to the combination of inputs and outputs in one device
  • Cost savings through the use of conventional switches and push buttons
  • Flexibility through the ability to control blinds/shutters and lights

Main features:
  • Actuator and sensor in one device
  • Use of conventional switches and push buttons for shading control
  • Mechanically locked outputs for motor protection

Aside from the standard functionality for the control of blinds and shutters the outputs can be used for staircase lighting, on/off delay, flashing, logic connections and can be integrated into scenes. The inputs can be programmed as standard switch sensors, dimming or shutter sensors or for value/forced operation.

In delivery condition the actuator is preconfigured for shutter operation. The inputs are internally connected to the respective outputs so that the device can be taken in operation directly after connecting the bus voltage. A first functional test can be run without any programming being required.

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