Busch-Presence detector Corridor KNX

In February 2017 ABB is launching its new Busch-Presence detector especially developed for hallways, corridors or any other type of long and small passageways. Due to the adapted detection range, the same area can be monitored with less devices compared to ABB’s standard presence detectors. The new range includes a standard and premium version of corridor presence detectors and comes in studio white matt or aluminum silver. The applications and functions are aligned with the existing presence detectors, so no additional training is needed for the commissioning.

Detection range

Mounting hight [H]

Length [L2] x width [B1] of the detection range perpendicular to the detector

Length [L1] x width [B1] of the detection range frontal to the detector

2.5 m

max. 24 m x 2.5 m

max. 18 m x 2.5 m

3 m

max. 30 m x 3 m

max. 20 m x 3 m

4 m

max. 30 m x 3 m

max. 20 m x 3 m

Product advantages

  • Highest detection quality, despite flat design
  • Especially developed for hallway applications
  • Integrated RTC (premium)
  • Programmable via IR-remote control (premium)
  • Daylight harvesting and 2-step switch-off (premium)
  • Flush and surface mounted
  • Native ETS 4/5 applications

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