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Consulting Engineer benefits

When a consulting engineer chooses to work with an ABB Cylon Approved System Integrator they access best in class HVAC control, flexible lighting control, exceptional room controls, shading control, emergency lighting, security access controls, coupled with intelligent sensors from ABB and energy management and monitoring tools to develop truly world-class smart building solutions.

Global SI network

$1.6 billion installations globally delivered through our extensive highly trained system integrator expert network (circa 290 SI’s globally and growing) with extensive experience in energy and building management systems.

Advanced BMS technology

  • ABB Cylon CBX System offers some of the most advanced BACnet® controllers of their kind, with on-board I/O, optional HOA, multi-protocol support, and a range of FLX (Field Level eXpansion) modules, providing System Integrators with even greater control flexibility.

Open protocols

  • ABB Cylon offers the BACnet open protocol that creates more interoperability, bringing products and information together regardless of sensor or control manufacturer. By deploying the BACnet infrastructure from ABB users are not locked into using control systems from any one supplier, providing more choice and more control. 

  • Open System KNX and BACnet (MSTP and IP) field controllers with Modbus® (RTU and TCP) extensions.

Seamless integration

  • ABB Cylon BMS integrates seamlessly across IT networks, between buildings, and between remote sites, making it ideal for multisite and campus building energy management.

  • Simplified integration with many third-party, non-HVAC systems, including lighting and energy management. ABB Cylon’s open platform solutions make integration with 3rd party systems and legacy systems easy, bringing building energy management systems together.

I/O data point flexibility

  • The entire ABB Cylon range benefits from UniPut™ I/O technology for flexible point configuration and flexibility in strategy changes which has the benefit of minimizing the cost of design changes even at late stages in commissioning.

Extensible flexible design

  • ABB Cylon BMS controllers are uniquely freely programmable and offer enhanced flexibility. With a ABB Cylon controller, you can remotely change the program once installed, allowing you to enter the most innovative strategies ensuring the most efficient strategies are deployed.

Future proof

  • The ABB Cylon BACnet range provides for forward and backward compatibility. Extending I/O or future proofing a site is quick and easy with reduced inventory requirements.

  • Highly flexible, easily extendable, ABB Cylon BACnet also allows for straightforward expansion or upgrades to the BMS that may be required in years to come, future-proofing today's BMS installations.

Dashboards and control

  • ASPECT is an award-winning scalable building energy management and control solution, for full system management utilizing user-configurable dashboards to display/change point values alarms, schedules, graphics, trends, and system variables. Designed to allow users seamless access to their building data through standard building protocols (BACnet, Modbus, Ethernet, etc.) and common IT technologies available on a wide array of computers and smart devices, both iOS, and Android.

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