Sensors and Thermostats

Environmental data and user input acquisition for perfect control

A range of sensors for the measurement of temperature, relative humidity, CO₂ and VOC values in multiple applications. The portfolio contains solutions for conventionally wired, bus-connected and wireless applications. The FusionAir Smart Sensor range allow users to view and control a diverse range of room functions, including selected parameters within the connected field controller.

Main features
  • Portfolio of generic wired (NTC) sensors for universal application
  • FusionAir intelligent room controllers for bus-connection to FLXeon and CB Line field controllers
  • Wireless sensor integration (EnOcean)
Main benefits
  • Compact portfolio for all facility applications
  • Wired and wireless connectivity allow flexible system architectures
  • FusionAir Smart sensors offer touch-free “virus safe” operation and in addition to HVAC, the adjustment of lighting and sunblind setpoints for the connected controller

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