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FLX Modules

Expanding building automation and control

The FLX (Field Level eXpansion) series of expansion modules are part of the CBXi Series and CBX Series, delivering field expansion of up to 64 points of control.

  • CBX Series featuring CBX-8R8 and CBX-8R8-H are fully programmable, 16-point, BTL-listed BACnet Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC).
  • CBXi Series featuring CBXi-8R8 and CBXi-8R8-H, fully programmable BACnet® Building Controllers (BTL B-BC) communicating on a BACnet IP Local Area Network. Additionally, these controllers support routing for BACnet MS/TP and integration support for Modbus® TCP or Modbus RTU without the use of additional gateways.

Main features

  • Extend CBX series up to 64 points of control
  • The FLX series of expansion modules connect using a simple bus connector that transports power and communications from the CBX controller.  
  • The CBX Series can be tailored to meet an extensive variety of applications by creating and modifying strategies using CXproHD Engineering Software.

Main benefits

  • Replace or Extend I/O Points Quickly and Easily FLX modules snap together without the need for the System Integrator to prepare special cabling, however, when necessary, a cable (FLX-RMC) can be used to extend the FLX modules’ range to a total distance of 100 feet (30 meters) from the CBXi or CBX controller. 
  • Reduce Time On-Site Pre-configuration of FLX expansion modules via the FLX dip switch addressing facility; reduces on-site installation time, simplifies setup and system checks, and reduces the skill level requirement for a hardware upgrade or expansion.

Product range


8 UniPuts with Relay
8 Universal Inputs
Hand/Off/Auto Local Override Function


8 UniPuts with Relay
8 Universal Inputs


4 UniPuts with Relay
4 Universal Inputs
Hand/Off/Auto Local Override Function


4 UniPuts with Relay
4 Universal Inputs


16 Digital Inputs


Expansion power supply

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