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ASPECT® Studio

ASPECT-Studio provides a graphical programming tool experience like no other. Acting as an integrated development environment for ASPECT®  products,  ASPECT-Studio contains a complete library of logical and graphical widgets that are used to engineer a complete area control and graphical user interface solution.

Using this highly intuitive software environment, users create and define all necessary elements for a project including network device and point programming, global control sequencing, historical trending, alarming, scheduling, as well as rich graphical user interface pages. Rapid engineering capabilities can be leveraged to minimize labor intensive steps. This includes mass editing options, CSV import and export of networked devices and points, and the ability to create custom Device and Point templates.

As a project is created, you have the ability to evaluate your work through each step of the engineering phase using simulated data, as well as the ability to communicate with defined networks, devices and their associated points.

Complete testing prior to the deployment of a project can also be performed using a local simulation of the Aspect environment. At commissioning time, ASPECT-Studio reduces labor for technicians by automatically generating an HTML5 UI for all defined network devices, allowing smart phone and tablet users to gain access to the energy management system.

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