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ABB-Welcome Video Indoor Station 4.3" series

Highlight: latest launches

ABB-SmartTouch® 10"

ABB-Welcome Video Indoor Station 7"


ABB-Welcome is our 2-wire solution for door communication offering a wide range of modular designs, to equip your home entrance area (gates, front or entrance doors) with the maximum level of security that keep any homeowner with peace of mind all day long.

Suitable for every need

This solution can work standalone, or it can be flexibly connected with the ABB Smart home ecosystem, and be remotely controlled from everywhere via the mobile app. The combination of the ABB-Welcome ranges make ABB's proposal wide and varied enough to satisfy every type of residence for every door entry and access control needs.

- Single houses and villas
- Apartments

How does ABB-Welcome work?

ABB-Welcome system is a 2-wire bus technology with a very simple structure. It consists of at least three devices: an outdoor station, a system control unit and an indoor call station. With an additional gateway, ABB-Welcome can be connected to a mobile, so that calls at the door are forwarded to the connected phones.

It can be controlled via:
- Outdoor station to trigger door calls in your house entrance
- Indoor station to check who's at the doorstep or talk to your guests
- App to have remote access to your front door at any time
- Smart Home Panel to integrate your door communication into your Smarter Home system and have a central point of control


Benefits and Features


Discover our ranges


Video indoor stations


Video Indoor Station 4.3, WiFi

Main features:

CheckboxMobile APP connection without additional system devices, even remotely 

CheckboxABB Cyber Security Chip built into devices

CheckboxSimple & intuitive user interface with a unique thin design (18mm)

CheckboxIntegrated Wi-Fi to easily connect to your local home network


Detailed information:


Video Indoor Station 7''

Main features:

CheckboxWide screen with a simple and intuitive user interface on a 7" screen

CheckboxEasy access up to 5 virtual buttons for Intercom & programmable buttons

CheckboxHigher capacity with up to ~40 Devices with just one system controller

CheckboxQuick installation supports simple & fast Surface mounting installation


Detailed information:

Video ABB-Smart touch 10''

Main features:

CheckboxControl, observe and manage your entire installation on one device for several applications

CheckboxFully integrated with the ABB-Welcome door communication system

CheckboxThe flat design slim real metal frame sits almost flush with the wall (14 mm)

CheckboxFreely programmable featuring a 10-inch IPS screen with 1280 x 800 resolution


Detailed information:



Video Indoor Station 7'' Touch

Main features:

Checkboxtouch screen with glass surface material

Checkbox5 keys to control main video door entry functions

Checkboxonly 7.8 mm of thickness after flush mounted

Checkboxfive different bell sounds available with the possibility to add your favorite ringtone from SD card

Detailed information:


Video Indoor Station 4.3"

Main features:

CheckboxBuilt-in 6 touch buttons for quick access to key functions

CheckboxSupports quick access to up to 3 intercom or programming functions, e.g. 2nd door look.

CheckboxInduction loop version available

CheckboxSeamless surface or desktop mounting

Detailed information:

Video Indoor Station 4.3" Handset

Main features:

CheckboxBuilt-in 6 touch buttons for quick access to key functions

CheckboxSupports quick access to up to 3 intercom or programming functions, e.g. 2nd door look.

CheckboxInduction loop version available

CheckboxSeamless surface or desktop mounting




Audio indoor stations


Audio hands-free

Main features:

CheckboxLight button can be customized as room-to-room intercom

CheckboxAvailable in 3 different versions color 

CheckboxDifferent bell tones for door-call and floor-call

CheckboxFixed or cycled ringtone

Detailed information:


Audio handset

Main features:

Checkbox1 easy pushbutton for unlock, and 2 additional buttons for self-setting functions

CheckboxMax-mid-mute volume adjuster on the side

Checkbox2 LEDs to indicate different working status

Checkbox5 ringtones for different call sources

Detailed information:


Video outdoor stations


Start planning and configuring your system

Quick planning function

Suitable for simple projects where all floors have the same number of apartments, all apartments have the same equipment and there are only Outdoor Stations at the building level. Then the user can either go to the details by clicking on "Preview and edit" or go directly to the result.

Planning from

Use this planning mode if all floors and apartments are different.
With this tool you can individually equip all units, such as apartments, floors and buildings, as well as plan a multi-level residential complex.

Wiring diagrams

The project documentation contains a diagram, showing the connection and device settings. Any required system components, such as local or auxiliary power supply and IP switches, are added automatically and power consumption requirements are always met. In theory, no further knowledge is required, just install the system accordingly.

Remote access via mobile app

The App is a cloud-based integrated platform working with both iOS and Android. It allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to manage the calls locally or remotely and customize the set-up based on your needs. 
Thanks to the MyBuildings portal, the remote connection is totally automated and managed with the highest level of security and data privacy. No special settings need to be made on the internet router for this solution.

Do you have the Welcome system installed? 

Download the Welcome app!

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Do you have both ABB-free@home® and Welcome systems installed?

Easily manage both via a single app, ABB-free@home® Next!

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  • Simple & intuitive step-by-step guides with instructions for set-up and usage

The first digital customer support tool is available completely free of charge. World-wide accessible via the ABB Welcome app or websites.


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