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Ceiling fan controller

The elegant ceiling fan controller offers noiseless control of your household ceiling fan. Simply press the rocker paddle to choose among four speeds — off, low, medium or high. LEDs on the rocker paddle show you fan speed at a glance for greater convenience.



  • Operates silently.
  • Does not require a remote device to be mounted in the ceiling fan motor.
  • Fan symbol engraved on rocker paddle for easy identification.
  • Three green LEDs on rocker paddle light when fan is in the on position to indicate fan speed. 
  • LED backlight assists with locating the ceiling fan controller in the dark.
  • Binary input allows for connection of a mechanical switch for three-way applications with fan control from multiple locations (neutral wire required).
  • Available in white and light almond colors to compliment any home décor.
  • Fits in standard decorator-style wall plates.


Advanced features available with ABB-free@home™ system integration

When integrated into the ABB-free@home smart home system, the ceiling fan controller can be programmed as a remote to control other ABB-free@home devices. The rocker paddle can be programmed as a keypad controlled with the upper and lower rocker functions.

With ABB-free@home integration, you can configure the ceiling fan controller to work with a motion detector and automatically switch off after a specified period of inactivity for energy savings. You can also set the brightness of the LED for day and night or disable the LED altogether.



  • 15-amp loads
  • One potential input: 120 V AC, 60 Hz expected
  • Output power: 200 VA/watt maximum
  • Fan power: 150 W maximum



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