Installation and commissioning has never been easier. From start to finish, ABB-free@home® makes home automation easy. It saves electricians valuable time and gives them a competitive advantage.

Perfectly connected – wired or wireless

Our customer has the choice: wired or wireless communication between the free@home devices.

Wired: The cable can be fed through the same duct as the power cable and is very flexible in installations – all combinations of linear, tree and star wiring configurations are allowed. A KNX-certified bus cable (J-Y(ST)Y 2x2x0.8) is recommended to be used.

Wireless: The wireless devices of ABB-free@home provide the same level of functionality as the wired ones without the necessity of connecting a bus cable – because the communication takes place via radio frequency – only a mains power supply is required.

The commissioning of all components is conducted through the same proven interfaces – either through an ordinary web browser or the ABB-free@home App. The possibilities remain unchanged. Wired and wireless devices can easily be part of time programs and be operated via voice commands or remotely through MyBuildings portal. With ABB-free@home® up to 150 wired or wireless participants (devices) can be installed in one system, excluding the power supply. Each participant in ABB-free@home® has a unique address which is detected by the System Access Point, the heart of the system. A participant can have multiple channels but is still counted as one participant e.g. Switch Actuator 4 gang.

Installation types

ABB-free@home® offers different installation alternatives, which can be mixed as desired. The installer has the choice to install sensors and actuators in a centralized manner, where all actuators are centrally installed in the distribution board and sensors distributed throughout the house wherever the owner wants them to be. Alternatively, a decentralized installation can be an option if, for example, space in the distribution board is limited. In this type of installation, the actuator is incorporated into the sensor. These devices are called Sensor-Actuator-units.

The System Access Point

The System Access Point is the heart of the ABB-free@home® system. It provides access for computer, tablet or smartphone via WLAN. This allows the functions of the system to be defined and remote controlled – even after installation. It is recommended that the System Access Point is combined with a network router – via LAN or WLAN – to ensure the most comfortable operation of the system. With a MyBuildings portal account and Internet connection, the user can easily reach the functions in the System Access Point via the app from anywhere in the world. For convenience, the System Access Point can open its own WLAN. This makes the electrician independent from the structural conditions and no additional software is required. As soon as the electrician is finished with the programming, the status can be saved and restored again at any time.

Configuration made easy

The intuitive user guide of the app allows the configuration of ABB-free@home® to be made very quickly via tablet or computer. To start with, the floor plan with floors and rooms is created. Then all available devices in the rooms are activated and allocated to the respective floors and rooms. Once the placement of actuators and sensors is complete, the devices can be combined as wanted, new scenes can be created and time schedule and action logic can be set up. 

Further system information

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