Processing binary and analogue signals

ABB i-bus® KNX inputs serve as an interface for the operation of KNX systems via conventional push buttons and switches as well as for processing binary and analogue signals. In addition, weather data can be transmitted to the KNX bus for further evaluation via an appropriate weather sensor.

Main benefits
  • Reduces stock requirement due to streamlined product range
  • Maximizes design freedom for KNX system integrators due to a wide range of inputs and installation types (MDRC, FM, SM)
  • Eases the work of the intergrator thanks to the front-end keypad

Main features

  • Wide-range binary inputs to detect signals from 10 to 230 V AC/DC
  • Weather sensor detecting twilight, brightness, rain temperature, day/night and wind speed
  • Analogue inputs with comprehensive range of adjustments for many typical sensors

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