Lighting Control

Modern light management

ABB i-bus® KNX ensures optimum lighting of industrial and office buildings as well as private dwellings. The illuminance is monitored and remotely controlled depending on the lighting requirements. In addition, subsystems (such as 1 - 10 V lighting control and DALI) and their interfaces are supported.

Main benefits
  • Increases energy efficiency by constant lighting and presence dependent control
  • Maximum flexibility in lighting design, improved comfort and wellbeing with light scenes and sequences
  • More flexibility through reprogramming or adding devices while in operation to meet changing needs

Main features

  • Universal dimming actuators for controlling loads of 210 VA up to 2400 VA
  • Switch/dim actuators for switching and dimming electronic ballasts with 1-10 V control interfaces
  • DALI Gateways for integration of DALI ballasts into KNX bus with special functions like color control (tunable white, RGB(W)), human centric lighting (HCL), emergency lighting and device monitoring

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