Shading Control

Blinds and roller shutters

Sensor controlled roller shutters, windows and blinds with sun position controlled louvres not only provide pleasant shading, they also allow optimal lighting and room climate conditions and assist in responsible use of energy.

Main benefits
  • Eases the work of the intergrator thanks to the automatic travel detection and front-end control buttons
  • More energy efficiency with the effective use of daylight and external temperature
  • Quick, efficient and detailed device analysis without ETS software, even remotely, thanks to
    the ABB i-bus® tool

Main features

  • Control of independent drives via ABB i-bus® KNX
  • Electro-mechanically interlocked outputs prevent possible destruction of the drives
  • Additional safety is possible when used in combination with weather station e.g. protection of shutters agains frost, wind, precipitation

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