ABB-Welcome outdoor audio station

Easy life style

Thanks to the modular design and extreme versatile 2-wire bus system, the new Welcome is designed with the concept of flexibility, simplicity and elegance. Therefore, the installation and usage become much easier and more comfortable. Customers' requirements vary and multiply constantly, but the stock always calls for the least and after-sale services call for quick replacement. That is why ABB Welcome adopts a quite simple designing principle: modular and with as less modules as possible. 

The magic to make single product behave as many products lies in different setting modes. The button of audio module can be set with many functions, such as calling guard unit or switching on light according to requirement.

Model versions

ABB-Welcome outdoor audio station, which is robust and resistant to environmental influences, is available in aluminium alloy brushed and studio white matte.

Main benefits

  • One additional floating output for second door opener
  • 3 LED indications: call established/system busy, communication possible, door unlocked
  • Addressing via decimal rotary switches, easy and convenient
  • Modules mounting is screw-less

Main features

  • Direct lock connection (up to 18 V, 4 A impulsive) from audio module
  • In-built proximity reader in the display module with Widgan output
  • Up to 3000 names
  • Public password and up to 6000 customized passwords are allowed
  • Optional by flush mounted, or surface mounted by rainy hood

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