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The ABB door entry systems offer a seamless blend of elegant design and functionality. They provide many features for all kinds of buildings: single- and multi-family homes, compound houses and high-rise buildings. Enjoy endless comfort in- and outside of your home with two easy to use and easy to implement door entry systems, ABB-Welcome and ABB-Welcome IP.


The outdoor world

A secure and protected home environment is essential for comfortable living. ABB door communication welcomes each visitor with innovative functions and a modern, elegant style. A perfect match of advanced technology and timeless design. For better communication, more comfort and highest security.


  • Modular implementation (Welcome)
  • With or without camera module (Welcome)
  • Different sizes and integrated elements (Welcome, IP)

Full duplex sound

  • Full duplex function makes speaking and hearing possible at the same time
  • Suppression of noise interference provides a clear sound on both sides of the entrance
  • Free choice of ringtones as well as the differentiation between units (door bell, floor call or guard unit)

Access control

  • Keypad with private and public passwords
  • Automatic unlock function (doormatic)
  • Call forwarding to guard unit or property management (IP)
  • Built-in or stand-alone (IP) card reader with IC/NFC mobile phone or ID card
  • Lift (elevator) control for authorized elevator floor access – visitor is guided to elevator and to designated floor, home owner can call elevator to neighbor during intercom (IP), home owner can call elevator on the way out (IP)


Building Security

  • Infrared sensor for capturing all surroundings clearly, LED illumination for facial recognition
  • ABB analogue private/public cameras (Welcome)
  • Second mini video outdoor station at the apartment door (Welcome)
  • Cyclical surveillance, call history
  • Automatic snap shot
  • Integration of fire alarm and intrusion alarm (IP)
  • Interface to IP cameras (ONVIF) (IP)

Guard unit features

Guard unit with managing door communication and lock function, intercom to apartments, surveillance with OS and IP cameras, emergency release


Property management features (IP)

Software of property management with door communication and unlock function, intercom, surveillance, emergency release, alarm handling, intelligent community, text messaging with image broadcast, card management, history and log, remote software & system setting

Seamless integration, letter box (Welcome)

  • Retrofitting ABB-Welcome modules into letter boxes
  • Compatible with letter boxes and bell systems of different manufacturers
  • Enables audio/video communication, doorbell panels and lateral door components
  • Basic audio module/microphone/loudspeaker, button extension for up to 99 buttons
  • Light switch or calling guard is programmable


The indoor world

Comfort, security and style are easy to create at home with a system that always fits into any ambience and matches all requirements – as simple as that. ABB-Welcome (IP) turns every home into a comfortable and secure living space.

Display range

  • Video indoors with basic displays of 4.3'' (Welcome) to large 7'' displays
  • Large buttons, clear symbols, direct and safe control of all functions
  • Touch displays, touch buttons (Welcome) or push buttons (Welcome, IP) or pure audio solutions (Welcome)
  • All available with handset or hands-free versions (Welcome)
  • Interface to IP cameras (ONVIF) (IP)
  • Control panel for home automation to execute KNX settings via indoor station (IP)


Flexible communication

  • Apartment-to-apartment and room-to-room calls: one-to-all indoor stations
  • Room-to-room one-to-one indoor station calls (IP)
  • Blacklist function for 'Do not disturb' settings
  • Text messaging function to guard unit/property management e.g. for reserving a barbecue area (IP)
  • Call waiting – call from second entrance appears in video-in-video mode, third entrance call is shown as 'missed call' (IP)
  • Audio recording function for messages to family and visitors
  • Intelligent community for information such as free query, convenient service, weather forecast, navigation and advertisement (IP)



Supported SD card functions:

  • Use of the indoor station as a digital photo frame on a large high definition display
  • Individualization of ringtones with favorite music
  • Display of individual screen savers
  • Display of videos on indoor station e.g. instructional videos on how to use the indoor station (IP)


Telephone Gateway (only Welcome)

  • Personal indoor station
  • Unlock the door, switch the lights, communication can be done via telephone
  • Suitable for commercial buildings
  • PSTN telephone intergated as audio indoor station, for any mobile device



Remote access

  • Indoor station can be extended to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets
  • See and identify every visitor, allow them to enter and welcome them
  • Monitor multi-cameras ensuring control over the whole building (Welcome)
  • Take intercom calls, including home-to-home and room-to-room calls (Welcome)
  • Guard unit communication (Welcome)
  • Activate elevator during a call, support of 2 locks during a call, SOS calls (Welcome)
  • Notification function
  • Simple configuration via myABB-LivingSpace and ABB-Welcome app (Welcome) or simply via QR code (IP)


Every building has its own character. ABB-Welcome (IP) can be applied to all complexities and makes the implementation and usage a simple children’s game – no matter what type of building complex is planned.


System scope

For ABB-Welcome:

  • Nine outdoor stations for a single apartment/house enable visitors to enter from different entrances
  • 250 indoor stations per building
  • Up to 60 buildings can be linked within one network system
  • Nine guard units offer the installation of more than one gate stations e.g. for compound buildings and residential complexes
  • 600 m from gate station to last indoor station linking different buildings

For ABB-Welcome IP:
  • Unlimited connectivity – long distances between buildings are no longer an issue thanks to the PoE connection
  • Unlimited devices – seamless connectivity for a limitless number of devices in one building
  • Unlimited channels – reach multiple home owners from different entrances at the same time
  • Suitable for different building types from single-family homes to high-rise buildings, compound houses and residential complexes

Other features


Assistance functions

  • SOS button can be managed via ABB-Welcome app (Welcome)
  • Programmable doctor function for automatic unlock in case of an emergency
  • Induction loop function for hearing aid (Welcome)
  • Panic call – SOS button for indoor stations to call the guard unit (Welcome, IP) or property management (IP)


  • Optional flush-mounted or surface-mounted outdoor stations to fit various design needs
  • IC/ID cards as extended equipment for outdoor stations
  • Name plates for door bells
  • Non-slip table stand for answering calls from the desktop (Welcome)
  • Additional rain hoods for outdoor stations provide protection from humidity (Welcome)
  • Accessories such as different color frames for indoor stations and different cover frames for outdoor stations from 1-10 modular frames to fit personal aesthetic taste (Welcome)
  • Different sizes of system controllers to fit different conditions (Welcome)



The IP certificates stand for the international protection standard which classifies and measures the degree of the protection provided against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water. They number ranges from 00 lowest to 69 highest. All ABB-Welcome products are proofed and equipped with certificates such as:

  • Analogue cameras are dustproof and waterproof with IP66
  • All outdoor stations and modules are dustproof and waterproof with IP54
  • All indoor stations are dustproof and waterproof with IP 30
  • All system devices are dustproof and waterproof with IP 20


Further system information