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The ABB-Welcome (IP) door communication system can be installed quickly by only one person. A single system consists of at least one outdoor station and one indoor station as well as the system controller for the ABB-Welcome system. This system can be extended appropriately by additional system components. All devices are connected with each other via the 2-wire bus line or the LAN cable for the Welcome IP system. This technology also makes it easy to convert older bell systems to the ABB door entry systems.


2-wire bus system for ABB-Welcome

Two wires – twice-as-easy to install. The ABB-Welcome door communication system works consistently as a 2-wire bus system. This means existing lines, under normal circumstances, can be reused with little effort. Because of the modular design of the outdoor stations, installers can choose from a variety of applications: single-family homes, multi-family buildings, and residential complexes; suitable in renovation or new construction.


System controller, the “brain” of the ABB-Welcome system

Control for comfort. All roads lead to the ABB-Welcome system controller. It supplies and controls the door communication system. Working as the "brain" of all devices, a system controller is compulsory and installed exclusive in any door communication system. It not only provides power, but also manages all the communication and control between outdoor stations and indoor stations for buildings, gate stations and the gateway in the common part. Both standard system controllers and mini system controllers are provided to meet different project requirements.

Power over Ethernet for ABB-Welcome IP

ABB-Welcome IP is an innovative door entry system which is compatible with every building type. All devices are easily implemented thanks to the LAN cable. The power over Ethernet (PoE) connection makes further cabling unnecessary and simplifies the subsequent connection of door entry devices. The clear advantage of the IP based network is the endless extension of the system and the easy implementation of all components. Because the system is connected via a router, a system controller is no longer needed.

System typology

With ABB-Welcome you are free to choose different system interlinkage types to fit the requirements of various buildings. For any system, there are 2 kinds of connections to handle the distribution of devices. One structure is the “loop” connection (1) which means to install all devices one after another. This way you are able to implement more than one indoor station in parallel in a very simple way.

Using the “branch” connection (2), it is very comfortable to install door communication devices for multi floor buildings. The most important advantage is the stable connection of all devices if one device drops out. For projects with diverse requirements you can merge branch and loop connections (3).


ABB-Welcome IP
With ABB-Welcome IP you can create a network of devices with an explanatory typology like the one below for villas and for high-rise buildings or in combination. Since the distance between the buildings which are connected to each other no longer plays a role, you are free to choose the size of the project and the amount of connecting buildings as you like, without having to worry about the signal reach.


Further system information