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We do all to shape the future and to create a modern ambience worth living in. With innovative solutions and smart systems we want to enhance security and communication around home. With comfortable and energy-saving solutions. The door entry systems ABB-Welcome and ABB-Welcome IP open up new possibilities for both sides of the door: residents and guests. It provides comprehensive comfort, greater security and elegant design.

Infinite possibilities

Our customers’ requirements vary from the basic to the complex. With twelve functional modules, ABB-Welcome provides the answer to all these needs. This modularity delivers the optimum door communication solution for all types of new construction and retrofitted applications. Various functional modules make it possible for the system to be tailored to fit all needs.

The highly engineered ABB-Welcome IP technology overcomes distances and equips homes with unlimited devices and communication channels. This makes installation much easier for projects ranging from single-family homes to big high-rise buildings and compound houses.


Secured communication

Communication to the in- and outdoor world is enabled with a lot of comfort but also with high safety components. To make a living community more comfortable, you enjoy functions like apartment-to-apartment or room-to-room calls to stay in touch with friends. Door entry systems by ABB make life more comfortable and easy.


Style meets function

Good design is not simply about appearance; it is also about functionality. The Welcome and Welcome IP door communication systems have an elegant and unique snap-in design. High in their material quality, the ABB door entry systems offer innovative features like remote access, video surveillance, property management and much more.


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