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Video indoor station comparison

comparison-video-indoor-station-7 comparison-video-indoor-station-4.3-WiFi comparison-video-indoor-station-basic-7 comparison-video-handset-indoor-station-4.3

Video Indoor Station 7″ Touch Video Indoor Station 4.3″ WiFi Video Indoor Station 7″

Video Indoor Station 4.3″ Handset
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Color White, Black White White White
Screen Size 7 Inch 4.3 Inch 7 Inch 4.3 Inch
Video Surveillance call x x x x
Door bell call x x x x
Image call history x x1 x x
Variable ringtone x x x x
Automatic unlock x x x x
Mute one or mute all x x x x
Open multiple doors x x x x
InterCom x x2 x x
Room to Room, Home to Home,
Guard Unit Call
x x2 x x
Black list for InterCom calls x x1 - x
Induction loop x x x x
3rd party camera integration x x x x
Welcome App Integration x3 x x3 x3
Paging/Broadcast x - - x
Customized ringtone from SD x - - -
Video record x - - -
Custom audio away message x - - -
Call forwarding x - - x
Touch screen x - - -
Welcome App Integration x x x x

Device Interfaces

SD card x - - -
Wifi integrated - x - -
Local power supply - x - x
Installation Surface, flush and table mounting Surface mounting Surface mounting Surface and table mounting
Firmware update through Internet - x - -
Firmware update by SD-Card x x - -
Article Code M22381-W-04

1. Shown in the Welcome App
2. Configured through Welcome App
3. Additional IP gateway needed (83342)
4. With Induction Loop