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On this page you can find an overview of our Apps which belong to the ABB Home and Building Automation product range.

ABB-free@home® app Next

The ABB-free@home® app Next was developed from scratch so that you can operate your ABB-free@home system quickly and intuitively.

It enables the programming and operation of your free@home system. Whether blinds, lights, heating, air conditioning, scenes, time programs, Philips Hue or Sonos devices: All functions of your free@home system can be controlled via this app.


This allows you to control your system.

Transform your house or apartment easily into a smart home.


Experience the door communication of your Welcome system on your smartphone or tablet!


The ABB-secure@home app, for smartphones, makes the communication via SMS with the GSM central units of the ABB-secure@home security system even easier!

Just select the desired command (e.g. arming, disarming the system or request for its status) and the app will automatically generate the correct SMS for you.


The functions of KNX home control today are not only operated via panel or switch, but also remotely via Smartphone and Smartwatch.

ABB-Watchdog remote control

The new generation of Busch-presence detectors with integrated Bluetooth interface can be remote controlled and parameterized via this app.

3D-LiveView App

With 3D-LiveView, you can view our products live and in 3D on your own wall via augmented reality.

Product Scanner App

Scan the product QR code to easily access product documentation, share it with others, and get the support you need. 


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