Specification Toolbox 2.0 

ABB i-bus KNX

Efficient planning and design of KNX installations

During the design of a building, consultants and electrical planners are faced with a multitude of challenges in fulfilling customer requirements and at the same time the applicable regulations and building codes.

The ABB i-bus KNX Specification Toolbox can help with this task by providing a variety of documents and `best-practice‘ examples making the design of KNX installations as efficient as possible. Further information can be found on the accompanying Information Flyer which is also available as a PDF file.

Contents of the Specification Toolbox

Reference documentation

The reference documentation includes a comprehensive overview of the applications covered by ABB i-bus KNX in residential and commercial buildings. Furthermore, graphical overviews give a brief introduction to typical KNX example solutions for each building type.

Functional specification texts

The functional specification texts describe ABB’s KNX solution for different configuration levels of intelligent building control in commercial and residential buildings. Firstly, the KNX technology including the applicable standards is described. Secondly, typical control applications are specified, including the technical characteristics of the required KNX devices. To suit diverse levels of control, each functional specification is available in three different design levels: Basic, Advanced and Premium.

Device lists

The device lists include the ABB i-bus KNX devices required to fulfill the functionality as specified in the specification text in the form of an example configuration. It contains a full device listing with all relevant ordering information, for example, order code, device description and quantities for selected configuration levels.

CAD drawings

The CAD drawings detail examples of the electrical planning and design of ABB i-bus KNX installations, e.g., offices or apartments. Example floor plans show how KNX devices can be placed in various rooms to control several applications. Furthermore, illustrations of the appropriate automation distribution boards containing the required ABB i-bus KNX DIN rail devices clarify the wiring concept. The CAD drawings are available for selected automation levels corresponding to the appropriate device lists.

Further information and services

For further tools and information relevant for the planning and design of ABB i-bus KNX installations please visit: www.abb.com/knx

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