The housing companies Kalasataman Fiskari and Kalasataman Fregatti in Helsinki’s Kalasatama district provide their residents almost real-time information on their energy consumption. ABB‘s KNX building automation controls the operations of the home and provides a platform for services in the Fiskari and Fregatti buildings in Kalasatama.

What were the challenges in fulfilling the wishes of the customer?

Helsinki City authorities have placed special requirements to construction companies that they need to fulfill. One of the main challenges is a real time information flow of energy on each apartment. Every individual apartment should have real time interface (HMI) for measuring consumptions like water (hot and cold) and electrical energy. There was also need for demand response of special loads like sauna, oven, electrical car charge etc.

Why was the decision for a KNX solution made?

ABB has a solution to fulfill all special needs. We used ABB microSACADpro to collect real time data (using OPC server) from all measured consumptions and our solution also provides a two way control for all the controllable loads including electrical car charging units. Room automation solution is made with KNX-building automation devices. We also have a solution for measuring water consumptions in real time using Mbus/KNX gateway.

Which measures to increase the energy efficiency of the building were intended?

The solution that city authorities want to include energy monitoring and it’s a major need for all apartments in Kalasatama area. All energy measurements need to be monitored for end users and for the facility owner. Helsinki Energy provides an interface for all consumptions measured in each apartment. (ABB has made a solution using IEC61850 CIM-model).

Which savings are achieved in relation to the previous solution?

10 to 15%


Lighting Control and Regulation

  • Central/Grouped Control
  • Time Control
  • Light scenes

Energy and Load Management

  • Consumption Measurement
  • Circuit/Socket Outlet Switching
  • Circuit Monitoring

Remote Access and Control

  • Remote Control via Internet/Telephone

Interfacing to other Building Systems

  • Communication Gateway (Newron OPC-server) to microSCADA

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