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Triemli Spital

Health Care

The Triemli Spital is a municipal company as well as the service department of the health and environment office in Zurich. This hospital has a central status with nationalwide sphere and an extensive medical and therapeutic service range. The dimension of this hospital also seems ideal nowadays: small enough in order to be efficient and manageable, big and extensiv enough in order to offer interdisciplinary services with high quality level. There are different kinds of rooms such as x-ray room, intensive care unit, emergency room, pathology, laboratory, nuclear medicine room and so on. It was opened in 1970 and contains 557 beds at the present time.

What were the challenges in fulfilling the wishes of the customer?

The components had to be fail-safe and this was the most important challenge (access control, security). Easy operation (maintenance by the technial service must be possible anytime) was also needed.    

Why was the decision for a KNX solution made?

When this project began, in 1997, the KNX system was the only well known and well proven multisupplier bus system. It is also able to control every demanded function such as blinding, lighting, and central supervision very well.


Lighting Control and Regulation

  • Switching
  • Dimming
  • Central Control
  • Time Control
  • Control via DALI

Blind and Shutter Control

  • Time Control
  • Weather Dependant Switching (Wind, Rain, Frost)
  • Movement to Preset Positions
  • Sun Position Dependant Control (Light Steering, Glare Protection)
  • Central Control
  • Type of Sun Protection: Jalousie, Venetian blinds

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

  • HVAC Fault Monitoring
  • Presence dependant Control

Security and Fault Monitoring

  • General Fault Handling

Operation, Indication and Visualisation

  • LCD Display
  • Display Panel
  • Visualisation via PC

Central Automation

  • Complex Logical Operations
  • Time Control

Interfacing to other Building Systems

  • Connection to other Systems via Analogue or Digital Inputs
  • Communication Gateway to other Systems

  • System: GLS (Desigo v. Siemens) / Technical Lan Network
    Interfaces: NS EIB (ELKA) on the basis of RS232 / Weltenkoppler Schlaps & Partner

Key Data

General Facts

Owner / Investor

Buildings Office of Zurich


Switzerland, Zurich

Type of Building

Health Care

Year of Construction



Architect Association Triemli

Floor Space (m²)

40,000 m²

No. of Floors


KNX Installation Facts

Number of Lines


Number of Components


Construction Volume

600 Mio. CHF

Electrical Installation

12.8 Mio. CHF

KNX Proportion

850,000 CHF