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Kabeldon Distribution boards from ABB served as temporary power hub at the world´s largest forestry fair

It was three beautiful days in the woods outside of Jönköping, Sweden when the world´s largest forestry fair, Elmia Wood, was held. Every fourth year the fair is held and attract visitors from all over the world. Due to its location and the lack of electricity, ABB contributed with a smart, safe and reliable solution. With Distribution boards from ABB the power supply for the exhibitors was solved. Thanks to the collaboration between Vaggeryd Energy, Elfördel in Alingsås and Elmia wood, the distribution boards was placed, mounted and connected.          

In the middle of the woods of the Småland-region in Sweden, Elmia Wood is held every fourth year. The fair, that is the world´s largest, attracts more than 50 000 visitors. Along the 2,5 kilometer path, nearly 500 exhibitors show their products.

A unique fair

“It´s a unique fair in many ways”, says Johan Lövgren, who is project manager at Elmia Wood. “The shear size of the area, but also the location where visitors can try-out the products in its right environment. The fair has become a natural meeting point for everybody in the industry and visitors come from all over the world”.

It´s like building a whole new community

”To solve the power supply to all this area is not an easy task”, says Lars Persson, CIO at Elmia fairs, and continues: We had to keep in our mind that we´re building a whole new community out here in the woods. It wasn´t just the power supply that needed to be in place for the fair – the opto-fiber connection for Internet also needed to be installed. Thanks to the collaboration between Vaggeryds Energy, Elfördel in Alingsås and the smart and simple solution from ABB, everything was arranged. “We are very pleased with the result – we got everything according to our specifications; Distribution boards that is easy to handle and the possibility to weld opto-fiber direct in the cabinets”.

A solution to trust

“Before this we had a solution that wasn´t reliable. It was a system temporarily built above ground and where the exhibitors noticed uneven power supply. Now we got a solution to trust – setup like an existing power distribution network”, says Johan Löfgren.

Keeping the timeplan – a must

“It´s a very large project to manage and every part needs to be done on time. Getting everything delivered according to our timeplan was crucial for the fair to be carried through. Everything worked extremely well and all the parts were delivered on time – we are very satisfied”, ends Johan Löfgren. 

Always with focus on compatibility and safety

It was a fun project to work with, says Stefan Johansson at Elfördel in Alingsås, who mounted the 13 cabinets for the fair. We’ve worked a long time with ABB products and despite the fact that in this case was temporarily set cabinets, we know that they are endurable and they work – in the long term. When we assemble cabinets we choose almost exclusively ABB products, says Stefan and continues: They are consistent in their products over time and always with a focus on compatibility and safety.

Customer needs

  • Safe, simple and reliable power supply.

ABB Solution

  • 13 custom made Kabeldon Distribution boards built as an existing power distribution network with integrated opto-fiber connection.

Customer benefits

  • Simple and easy-to-use products and easy to overview.
  • Distribution boards for a multitude of applications.
  • Weather proof solution for the toughest of environments.
An inside view in one of the 13 custom made Distribution boards.

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